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Looking For An All In One SEO Alternative? Meet Squirrly SEO Plugin

Googling the term “WordPress SEO plugin” will return more than 10 million results. Considering WordPress is the most popular CMS at the moment, this is not a surprise.

Tons of website owners have written about SEO plugins and continue to make lists of the best ones out there.

Instead of creating yet another list article, I thought it made more sense to talk about an All In One SEO alternative, namely Squirrly SEO plugin.

I’m well aware that a lot of WordPress site owners are always on the hunt for the best SEO plugin, so I’m hoping this article will help you further explore your options.

The top SEO experts also use this plugin. Neil Patel, entrepreneur, an online marketing expert said that Squirrly SEO is a “complete content marketing suite“.

We’re pretty proud of this endorsement, and we’ve noticed our users agree with this statement.

In this post, I will cover the main features you need to know about Squirrly SEO as an All In One SEO alternative.

Let’s dig in.

Getting to Know Squirrly SEO

First of all, you should know that Squirrly is a freemium plugin. You can download it from this link to test it yourself.

From the moment you connect your site to a Squirrly account, you will get access for 14 days to all the PRO features – I’ll get into those in a minute.

After the trial is over, you can continue using the free version or upgrade to the PRO plan to keep using the premium features. Speaking of which, you can see here a breakdown of what’s included in the free and the PRO plan.

As I’m writing this article, over 150k business owners have already optimized their site for humans and search engines using Squirrly.

We know that not everyone who owns a business or a site is an SEO expert. That’s why we built the plugin so that the setup is straightforward even for non-SEO experts and they can start using it right away.

Going back to what Neil Patel said, we want to point out the fact that Squirrly is not just your basic SEO plugin.

To quote Search Engine Watch here, “If you like to write content that is both SEO and human-friendly, then this tool is for you. It not only lets you optimize content but also lets you measure the success of the content optimized.”

Here are its major features you should know about.

The Squirrly SEO Features That Will Make You Want to Switch From All In One SEO

1. Keyword Research

This is one of the most beloved premium features that Squirrly offers.

SEO is, first and foremost, about creating quality content that answers the problems your audience is facing.

To be able to create content that will answer these problems, it’s important to figure out what they’re searching on Google. Then, you can use those search queries to create content which will give the audience a solution.

The keyword research feature from Squirrly helps you find the best keywords your site can rank for. After all, you wouldn’t want to use highly competitive keywords that won’t get your pages ranked. Like ever.

Here’s why you will become obsessed with this feature:

Next, I want to reveal a feature we’ve recently launched, and we’re very excited by how well our users received it.

2. Briefcase

Briefcase is where you get to keep your core strategy keywords for your site and manage them.

You can add keywords you want to focus on in your marketing, either from the keyword research feature or from your WordPress Dashboard > Squirrly > Briefcase.

Later on, when you optimize a page or a blog post, you can quickly select the keyword of your choice from this section.

Another advantage of having and using this feature is the fact that you’ll know how many times you’ve used a particular keyword on your site and whether your SEO strategy pays off.

Note that the Briefcase won’t save all the keywords you search for – only the ones that you will manually add in the two areas I mentioned.

3. Virtual Live Assistant

Another feature our users love about Squirrly SEO is the virtual live assistant.

Remember how I mentioned that the plugin helps you optimize content for humans and search engines?

Well, the live assistant guides you through the process.

Here’s how it works:

If every box is green, then your article is 100% optimized and ready to be published. Pay attention to those white or red boxes and try to turn them green before hitting Publish.

Having the live assistant by your side every time you create a new post saves you a lot of time because you’ll know, right away, whether you’re on the right track or not.

No guesswork here.

Moreover, you can optimize any post by multiple keywords. To do this, you need to add the keywords you want to optimize for, one by one, in the keyword box as soon as you hit Add A New Post.

Then, after you save the draft, you’ll notice the keywords will in the box along with the optimization percentage.

4. Performance Analytics

How do you analyze your content’s success after you publish it?

You check the Performance Analytics tab, in the Squirrly plugin.

In this section, you can see:

This information will show up for every page you optimize with Squirrly.

5. Import Data from Other SEO Plugins

Imagine this: you have been using AIO for a few years now, but you want to try something else, so you’re exploring a better All In One SEO alternative.

The only problem is that you already have hundreds of pages optimized, including their meta title and description.

If you decided to install a new SEO plugin, you would instantly lose all of this data.

Luckily, this cannot happen if you start using Squirrly SEO.

If you decided to install a new SEO plugin, you would instantly lose all of this data. Luckily, this cannot happen if you start using Squirrly SEO. Click To Tweet

From your WordPress Dashboard > Squirrly > Import SEO, you can import the settings and the SEO for any plugin you were previously using.

In just a couple of clicks, Squirrly will be configured without worry of losing any previous settings.

6. Customer Service and Plugin Updates

We take pride in providing the same quality level of customer service to both our free and PRO users.

What’s essential for us is to talk to our users and find out their genuine opinion about the plugin’s features and functionality.

The feedback we receive from them is carefully taken into consideration because we want to improve the product week after week.

This is one of the reasons why we make updates quite often (sometimes weekly). We want to make sure everyone is happy and they can enjoy the features without any hiccups.

Additionally, our users’ feedback is critical when building new features, such as Briefcase.

For most of the features we released recently, we used our users’ messages as inspiration to create the best SEO plugin.

Customer service is strongly connected to the updates we make, which is why anyone can reach us on multiple platforms, such as:

7. Inspiration Box

Efficiency is key when writing a blog post and it’s also something Squirrly can help you with during the process.

With the inspiration box, you can:

8. Snippet Tool

Right now, Squirrly is so powerful that you can use the snippet tool to customize how every page on your site is displayed in search engine results and on social media feeds.

For each post type, Squirrly lets you:

As you can see, with Squirrly as a powerful All In One SEO alternative, you have full control over all your posts.

9. Site Audit

Every week, you will receive an audit for your site which analyzes 6 critical areas: blogging, social, SEO, links, traffic, and authority.

For each area, we provide tips on how to improve each section in case we find any issues you need to fix.

We’ve discovered that sites with a higher audit score tend to increase their chances of ranking on the first pages of Google.

Time to Give This All In One SEO Alternative A Try

We plan to continue working on the SEO plugin along with other projects we’re currently developing. It remains our top priority to make Squirrly SEO the most powerful SEO WordPress plugin on the market.

Here, you can discover the list that includes over 200 features offered by the plugin.

Until recently, we have been limited to WordPress website owners, but now, thanks to the Squirrly Cloud (which you can access at my.squirrly.co), anyone can create an account and:

Are you tempted to give Squirrly SEO a try? Then download the plugin from here and let the optimization begin. 


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