11 Questions that Everyone is Secretly Asking when Working on their WordPress SEO

These are questions that you may ask while working on your WordPress SEO.

Since the content is video, it’s super short and very easy for you to follow.

The success stories are well worth reading because they show methods that made those customers successful.

In many of them, the customers talked about the exact features and tools from Squirrly SEO they used to reach page 1 of Google search.

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How to Create Human Friendly Content with The WordPress SEO Plugin by Squirrly?

All you Squirrly users out there have probably noticed that the WordPress SEO plugin by Squirrly is more powerful than ever.

This article will focus on the Live Assistant feature, and how it can help create human-friendly content every single time.

Your readers are not bots, so it’s paramount that your content is not only optimized for search engines, but for humans as well.

In this article, I will explain why we chose to incorporate the human-friendly aspect into Squirrly and how you can use it to your advantage.

A Few Words about the Premises of the Industry

Many businesses today are constantly increasing how much they spend on content marketing.

However, not all of them have a sky-rocketing budget they can invest. That’s why they need a WordPress SEO plugin to simplify their work.

But with all the algorithm updates Google is constantly making, creating content that is both human-friendly and search engine friendly might seem like a difficult task.

Needless to say, keyword stuffing and creating useless or duplicated information is not a good idea. But that is not what SEO is about.

WordPress SEO plugins are meant to make your content easier to find for people searching for topics related to your business.

The Live Assistant from Squirrly takes things even further and gives you actionable advice on how to write content visitors will enjoy.

This way, when visitors will come across your content, they will have the best reading experience possible.

Creating content for Humans is the first and most important task for your site. That’s why we wanted to include this into our plugin and really get into detail.

More about the Human-Friendly Option in the WordPress SEO Plugin by Squirrly

The earlier versions of the WordPress SEO plugin by Squirrly only checked that you didn’t do overstuffing throughout the article.

wordpress seo plugin by Squirrly

Since then, we realized that even if an article isn’t stuffed from our perspective, it might seem forced.

Why? Because if you repeat a word for too many times in a paragraph, that section becomes unpleasant to read.

Making sure that the Human-Friendly section is green before you hit Publish is an essential step in the content creation process.

The Easy Way to Create  Human-Friendly Content

When adding a new post to your blog, you first need to choose the keyword you are targeting.

After you insert your title and start writing, some of your tasks will instantly become green.

The over-optimization task is the one that will alert you about stuffing keywords, something that’s not a good idea if you want to stay on Google’s good side.

Red means something requires your attention.

For the example below, I used the keyword “Human-Friendly content”. I used the word ‘content’ (not the whole keyword) 10 times in 139 words.

As you can see in the image below, The WordPress SEO plugin by Squirrly suggested I eliminate 4 of those words.

wordpress seo plugin by Squirrly

If you hover over the word ‘content’ that you see highlighted in yellow, all the words “content” in your text will be highlighted and counted.

If you go on to the second one, a list of synonyms you can use to substitute that word will appear.

wordpress seo plugin

Make sure you take the correct semantic interpretation of the word. The WordPress SEO plugin can not assume which is the right meaning of the word in that particular context.

Now that we’ve taken care of this problem either by eliminating or substituting the repeated words with synonyms, we can move on.

As you can see in the image below, my keywords were used too close together.

To solve this, I have to add more phrases in-between them or eliminate some. If I placed the cursor above the ‘2nd’, it would show me which of the keywords it is referring to.


For the other 3 red words which are part of my targeted keywords, Squirrly gives a list of synonyms for each of them.

The WordPress SEO plugin by Squirrly is giving you this specific information so that you can write better content that will rank higher on SERPs and ultimately convert better.

After I solved this problem, I kept on writing and totally forgot about my keyword. After a few lines, the plugin reminded me to add a keyword in the conclusion of the text.

Why does this aspect of the WordPress SEO plugin by Squirrly make your posts more human-friendly?

Because you should make a reference to the topic you are writing about – which is connected to the keyword – again in the end of the article, so as to state the main takeaway.

This will ensure that your post has a strong conclusion that is relevant to the rest of the article.

Squirrly the wordpress seo plugin

Time to Draw Some Conclusions!

Now you know why it is important to focus on your readers when creating content and then perfect it for Search.

I hope you now better understand how to use the information and tips the Live Assitant offers to create articles that are more enjoyable and convert more traffic.

Do you have any firing questions for us? Let me know in the comment section below!

This Autumn Bears Many Gifts – Three New Up-Coming Products from Squirrly

This Autumn Bears Many Gifts – VIP drafting complete.

Some people talk about this time of the year as the fourth Quarter, others admire the beautiful colors of the season, but some… Well… They have squirrly plans concocted carefully.

Many of the wonderful creations we’ve been working on ever since our Powering Up email (sent Jan 2018) are coming to fruition.

It’s time to show them to you during the next two months.

Get ready for some exciting events for:

  • Squirrly Social (October 2018)
  • Squirrly SEO 2019  (UPDATE: March 2019)
  • aaaaand…. SPY. Squirrly SPY. (Late NOV or Early DEC 2018)

Very soon, you’ll be able to get your FREE Tickets to the Launch Events. You’ll need to register a ticket on Eventbrite to be able to attend each Launch Event.

Squirrly Company Updates

The events will be held Live on Youtube, based on the ticket. I will show you everything you need to know about each new product, why we built them, how they bring value to your business. My awesome team of customer service experts will be available in the Chat section of each event to answer any questions you will have. (so get those questions ready!)

I don’t want these events to go down in history as the best events for Digital Marketing ever. I want them to go down in YOUR personal history as wonderful events which helped you grow as a business owner, marketer, or developer / consultant.

SPY. Squirrly SPY.

I’ve recently had to convince a really big enterprise, listed on NASDAQ to work with us on their new massive redesign of the website. Of course, we won’t make the graphics, we’ll make the architecture, and the SEO.

They were convinced by the FOCUS Pages concept which will be the Core of Squirrly SEO 2019 (you’ll get to see it soon).

However, my biggest weapon was the Squirrly SPY reports I presented to them for their competitors and for their own site.

Before I showed them the report, the discussions were vague, and they couldn’t really understand how we’d help them win the long SEO game.

Here’s one of the reports they saw during the meeting.

If you ever need to convince clients, then Squirrly SPY is the way to go.

Also: if you want to use it for your own business, you’ll be able to find a lot of reasons why your competitors rank number 1 on Google, while you don’t. It’s all in the data you see in the report.

It’s not just about playing the ‘ol BOND. James Bond. You can really get to the reasons why other sites rank better and the improvements you can make to outrank them.

Here’s a DEMO report. (someone paid $50 USD just for this one). You’re getting it for free in this blog post.

^^ Once downloaded, open with Excel and make sure you look at all the Sheets inside.

It would help you a lot more if you could get one for your OWN case, your own industry, own website, own competitors.

Soon, you’ll be able to do just that.

VIP Drafting is now Complete for Squirrly SEO 2019.

Thanks so much for being active and for wanting to receive every single sneak peek into our brand new Squirrly SEO 2019.

We’ll send the first VIP email this week.

Until then: Keep Ranking,
Florin Muresan
CEO, Squirrly

On the 1st Page of Google: What You Can Learn from This SEO Success Story

Melissa Blevins is a Squirrly SEO user and likes to describe herself as a free-spirited nerd (we relate). She’s passionate about equipping women with practical tips and tools to stop the money struggle and start living their best life!

Like many aspiring bloggers and site owners, Melissa managed to turn her passion into profit via her site by reaching an audience who is genuinely interested in what she has to offer.

That’s a goal many of you reading this can probably relate to.

Recently, she shared an article on her site detailing some of the steps she took to make one of her posts rank on the first page of Google – and how Squirrly SEO PRO helped her climb that mountain.

After all, that’s the dream, right? Show up on the 1st Page of Google and get a significant boost in traffic to your site. But if it were easy, then everyone would do it.

Well, as you’ll see from this post, it’s possible to achieve amazing rankings, even if you’re not an SEO expert or a huge brand.

Here are some of Melissa’s amazing Results according to the information she shared with her audience; her SEO success story as it translates into numbers: 

  • She managed to rank on the first Page of Google with her post about reasons to buy a mobile home. And she did it in 1.5 hours since publishing.
  • She currently has 8 posts on page one of Google with several on page 2 and 3 that are slowly moving up in the ranking
  • Impressive traffic volume. Up to 10,000 blog page views on her 4th month blogging.

You can read more details in her blog post here.

We win by helping others win, so we’re always super excited when a Squirrly PRO user decides to share their success story and how using the plugin contributed to that success.

To us, it’s an ongoing confirmation of the kind of value people get when using the Squirrly PRO features. It’s undeniable evidence that Squirrly works when you are willing to do your part as well.

seo success story

That being said, we like to treat every success story as a great learning opportunity because we firmly believe in the value of sharing experiences and growing world knowledge.

So read on to find out more about the strategies behind the success, and how you can leverage the same tactics and tools to shape your own SEO success story. 

This article will focus on Keyword Research, a practice you’ll find at the heart of any SEO success story.

It’s a great day to grow your knowledge, so let’s get this party started!

Lesson 1: Search Volume and Picking the Right Keywords

The search volume is a metric that tells you how many people searched for your topic in the exact way that you wrote it.

If you’re a real estate agent and want to get people to work with you on their transactions, you’ll naturally want to write content that would genuinely interest them like What to Look for when Going Home Shopping or How to Sell a Property Faster. 

But it goes deeper than that.

For instance, the majority of people may not look for how to sell a property faster. Instead, they may look for something like: “home selling tips.” Or it’s possible that they will use their location in the query to get specific results and  thus type in: “how to sell a property in San Francisco.”

Let’s take another example and say you want to write an article about inexpensive dog food. Your first guess may be to use affordable dog food as your keyword.

But is it really the best keyword? With Squirrly SEO, you eliminate the guesswork.

As you see from the screenshot below, the keyword “affordable dog food” only has 100-500 Search Volume, compared to “affordable dog food brands” that has 1297 Search Volume and it’s easy to rank for, as far as Competition goes.

seo success

The keyword research was done using the Keyword Research tool from Squirrly SEO, and what it shows you-  for this particular example – is that it will be more profitable for you, in the long run, to write about “affordable dog food brands” rather than “affordable dog food.”

You need to know these things before you start creating content and optimizing it for keywords you assume might work but probably won’t. If you don’t use the words that your audience is using, you are missing out on the potential to attract the right people to your site.

With Squirrly, it’s easy to pick keywords that your audience and potential customers will actually write down into Google search when looking for topics. That’s because the Keyword Research provides accurate, up-to-date Search Volume Data for the country you are targeting.

What’s more, you will get plenty of relevant suggestions for high-potential, long-tail keywords. One of the main reasons to target long-tail keywords is that they’re easier to rank for. In other words, you won’t be competing with industry-leading companies on these keywords.

So instead of targeting a head keyword like “dog food” that has lots of competition and that all the industry big fish out there are targeting, you could go for a long-tail keyword that is more specific, such as “dog food for large dogs.”

The search volume could be lower-but so will the competition.

And sometimes, you can strike gold and find incredible long-tail keywords with high search volume and low competition.

In the screenshot below, you can see some of the keyword suggestions Squirrly provided for the topic “dog food” and the associated data for each of them.

Always look at Search Volume in connection to the Competition data to find the best keywords to target. Read that again; it’s essential.

seo success story

Lesson 2: Leverage Trend Data to Boost Traffic

The trend of a keyword shows you how popular the topic is over time. In other words, it lets you see the level of interest for a certain keyword. The best thing about knowing the trend of a keyword is that you can identify incredible opportunities to bring in traffic and increase your rankings.

It can also help you build a better timeline and tell you what is the best time to begin pushing a particular piece of content more aggressively.

These opportunities come around consistently and, usually, they are related to things like:

  • Seasonality. Search terms such as umbrellas or raincoats are obviously more popular during the rainy season.
  • Holidays, such as Mother’s Day.
  • Important events, like the World Cup.
  • An high-notoriety launch or release.
  • A significant change within a certain industry. GDPR, anyone?
  • Social Campaigns

As you may have seen from the screenshot above, you can turn to Squirrly’s keyword research to get information related to the Trend of a keyword as well. You’ll find it under the Trend section, in one of these forms:

  1. Steady. We recommend that you target keywords that have a Steady trend. You don’t want to waste time creating content for falling topics.
  2. Going Up. When you see the trend for a keyword “Going Up,” it could be a great indicator that it may be time to start creating and optimizing content for that topic. This will leave you enough time to prepare the actual content. If you create it now and rank it before anyone else, it means that there will be a lot more search volume in the future for your piece. It has the opportunity to give you a long-lasting free traffic source.
  3. Failing. It shows you that people are beginning to lose interest in that particular topic, so it may be best to consider other options.
  4. Sky-rocketing. Like “Going Up”, but like: way better. This is more like a “high risks; high rewards” type. Sometimes big media sites like INC and Forbes start targeting these and then you’ll have new competition which is pretty tough to beat. However if other don’t outrank you in time, then this is a great choice, because the search volume will get huge and you’ll be getting more and more readers as time goes by.

Now that you know how to find that data, the natural question is  “So how can you make this information valuable to your business?”

Well, you can exploit that information to get inspired to create new blog posts that will bring traffic to your site. You can be among the first to write an in-depth resource about a trending topic – if it’s relevant to your audience.

For instance, if you run a blog about crafts and DIY, you could put together a fun guide about Best DIY Gift to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day – and publish it a few days before.

Sometimes, the window of opportunity is small for these things, and you have to be quick to create the content.

Lesson 3: Build a Strategy around Your Keywords

It’s not important to only pick the best keywords.  You have to build a strategy around them, and you have to do it in a way that allows you to stay focused and ensure consistency. Easier said than done, right?

Well, better done than skipped.

SEO results grow and expand over time. Your site is not static, it grows and moves at the pace of your goals and the work you put into it. Consistency is the name of the game here, so the more organized you are, the more chances you have to build a successful SEO strategy.

Keyword strategy is something that you need to continually tweak, re-calibrate, improve. You consistently have to add new keywords to your portfolio based on your active campaigns, goals, and needs.

Once you have a good list of keywords, it’s time to organize it. This was a need that several of our users have expressed, and the Briefcase feature is our solution to cover that need.

Squirrly coupon

As you can see from the screenshot above, Briefcase offers a structured way to manage your keyword strategy and have a clear overview of your progress.

  • Notice that you can see the associated data for each Keyword you place in Briefcase. It also shows you how many times you’ve used that keyword to optimize articles or pages.
  • You can assign labels to keywords based on your current strategies and content marketing campaigns. Then, you can filter keywords based on labels.
  • Categorize keywords based on different stages in your Customer’s journey or any other criteria that help you stay organized, such “best opportunities”, “strong purchase intent.”
  • Ensure that everyone on your team of writers, if you have one, will know what keywords to focus on.

Lesson 4: The Tool You Use to Do Keyword Research Matters

In her article, Melissa Blevins said this: “There’s a specific system that new bloggers must follow to get their posts to rank on page one of Google. It starts with a great SEO plugin and keyword research. I can’t stand AdWords for keyword research as it’s clunky and not exactly accurate.”

Well, she’s right! Using AdWords’ Keyword Planner Tool (the kw planner from Google) to conduct Keyword Research so that you can rank in Organic Search Results is like buying a train ticket to Paris and expect the train to take you to Wakanda.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit for effect. Not that AdWords isn’t a valuable tool, it’s just that it’s not the right tool for the job, as AdWords is mostly linked to keyword competition for Paid Search.

  • Looking for the best keywords to rank for using AdWords may not show you ALL the valuable keyword phrases that have a high search volume connected to a word or phrase. It may show you some, but ‘some’ means you risk missing out.

If you don’t want to have to worry about that and know that you’ll be given the best keywords suggestions that your site can rank for, give Squirrly SEO a try today.

Lesson 5: Tracking Performance Is Essential to Future Performance

Your job is not over once you’ve published the article which you’ve optimized for a specific keyword. It’s important to track the Analytics and see how your article is performing.

This is yet another critical component of a healthy SEO strategy which Squirrly makes super easy to manage. In the Advanced Analytics section of the Squirrly Business Plan, you can access essential data, such as:

  • The Google Rank for a keyword you’ve targeted in an article or page,
  • Changes in ranking position for your articles and pages,
  • The Specific keyword your page ranked for,
  • Your Site’s overall ranking position,
  • The number of Social signals.

This way, you’ll know if the work you’ve done brought an improvement in the quality of your site and content or not, and go from there.

You Can Do It Too! Start Typing Your SEO Success Story

Like many other things in life, success in SEO boils down to mastering the basics.

And keyword research is for sure one of the essentials. Do keyword research, do it well, do it consistently, and results will come.

So, to recap; here are a few best practices inspired by Melissa’s success story that you can incorporate to keep ranking and reach the top positions in Google for queries that are relevant to your business and goals.

  • Look at Search Volume and competition data to find golden nugget keywords that have a high potential to bring targeted traffic to your site.
  • Identify top opportunities to bring in lots of traffic to your site by leveraging current trends.
  • Build a strategy around your keywords and be consistent with the content you publish.
  • Using Keyword Research Tools that show you results for Organic Search is paramount.
  • Do not underestimate the power of reliable Analytics. Tracking how your articles perform on Google is an essential component of any SEO Succes story.

Melissa’s success using Squirrly SEO is just one of many more.

300,000 Squirrly-surfaced keywords already ranked on Page 1 of Google.

In a single week, 6,200 new keywords researched and optimized with Squirrly SEO reached page 1 of Google.

You see, it’s possible to achieve exciting results even if you’re not an SEO expert or have massive resources. Take what you’ve learned today and use it to replicate this success story –  or shape your own. 

Give Squirrly PRO a try and start whipping up your SEO recipe for Success today!

Make My Business Rank High in Google for 2018 and Beyond

As CEO of Squirrly I get this asked a lot: “Florin, make my business rank high in google. I’m using your Squirrly SEO Plugin. Can you do that for me?”

I’ve started writing more and more answers in our Knowledge Base, but I’ve also decided to write something about this on the blog.

When you say “make my business rank high in google” it’s amazingly easy for me to do that for you. Honestly. Ask me right now. I could make your business rank high in google in about 2 days. Maybe even faster.

You wanna know how?

Let’s say you have the business “Carpet Cleaners Industry” (that’s a funky name) and you tell me to rank your business. I’d look at your site first, to make sure you have a website for your business, otherwise what in the world am I going to rank …

Okay, so you have your site: carpetci.com (I do not know who owns this site in the real world).

I can now start ranking your business. Here’s what I will do:

Make My Business Rank High in Google – Start

1. Let’s see what you have under the hood:

make my business rank high in google

a. I’d go to your WordPress Dashboard.

b. There, I would check that you have Squirrly SEO Installed. (you’d most probably have it, since you did ask me to do this for you)

c. I will look at your SEO Audit to see if all your SEO Settings are Okay. Hopefully, there’s a Green on all the SEO tab inside your Audit Suite from Squirrly. If it’s not, then this would create a delay in the process of ranking your page.

Awesome! Everything under the hood is now fine.

2. Since you have good SEO in your Audit from Squirrly, let’s move on to creating an optimized page.

squirrly seo 2017 launch

a. I’d go to WordPress -> Add New Post

b. I’d place the keyword: “CarpetinioLocco” in the Optimize for Keyword section of the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant which loads up in your Add New Post interface.

c. I’d write a 500 words article that is fully optimized with the Squirrly SEO Live Assistant. (it can be a page or an article, whatever).

d. I’d publish it.

3. Let’s get the robots onto it

make my business rank high in google

a. I’d choose GooglePing.com or Pingoat.com

b. Actually I might just choose PingBomb.com

The stuff right here will go and tell Google it needs to index new stuff for me.

Of course, I could easily just use the Search Console from Google and ask them nicely to index one more URL from my site.

Oh, you know what? Don’t even bother with Step number 3, because if you have Squirrly SEO installed it will do this for you automatically. Just have this setting turned to YES.

squirrly seo rank high in goole

Make My Business Rank High In Google – Job Done. In about 2 days

Yay! Your “amazing” business website called “carpetci.com” is now on position #1 on Google.com with the new page I’ve just created for you.

You had great SEO structure, as the Audit suggested, you now have a 100% optimized web page and you told the crawlers about it.

Congrats, you’re ranking #1 on Google for “CarpetinioLocco”. Are you excited?

NO !! You are not.


“Florin, when I said Make My Business Rank High In Google, this is not what I had in mind?”

– No? But that’s what you told me. Okay, we’re getting somewhere .. (Finally!)

– Yes, well I want to rank high in Google for “carpet cleaners”.

– Really? For “carpet cleaners”? With carpetci.com?

– Yes, can you do it or not?

– Dear friend, the reason we’ve created Squirrly SEO is to help you do that. What you immediately need to understand is that you need a solid strategy if you’re ever going to rank for that keyword.

Make My Business Rank High in Google – What You Should Do

Okay, so obviously anyone can rank things in Google.

The question is: What should they rank?

Well, a site that has 0 (zero) authority and it’s over 1 Million in Alexa will never ever ever rank high in google for “carpet cleaners”

Just use the Keyword Research tool from Squirrly. Find out if YOUR particular website can rank for it.

Here’s a video to help you figure out the keyword research tool and pick keywords that you can actually work with.

One easy answer for you:

– pick a keyword that is Easy to Rank for (with your site) and which is trending and has a good search volume.

Then, do the previous 3 steps that I’ve done in this blog post.

If that isn’t enough to rank your new keyword high in google, then start getting some white hat and clever links back to that post.

Or share it a lot on social media. Make the page shared a lot on different platforms.

After you do all this, you will finally have a page ranking high in Google for something that:

• Brings you traffic (because the trend is good and people keep searching for it)

• You can afford (you don’t have to build thousands of white hat links to it; the PR effort would cost too much)

• Makes sense for your business. Your offer and your page can match the intent of the person who searched on Google for that keyword.

I hope this post inspires you to do better. To be a better marketer and think a lot more about your strategies and the things you wish to achieve.

You need to have a really good picture in mind of what you’re trying to accomplish. Just saying stuff like “make my business rank high in Google” will not cut it.

Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve Brings Exciting Updates to The Keyword Research Tool

keyword research tool

Just like Steve Jobs is an epitome of innovation, our updated Keyword Research Tool is aiming at the same level of excellence and innovation.

That’s why it follows the overall slogan for Squirrly’s Steve version – think differently.

For our keyword tool, thinking differently means providing the same quality while constantly seeking to be more customer-centric. We want to help you optimize your writing workflow while also ranking higher.

Because the fewer time it takes you to research the keywords, the more time you can allocate to creating the finest content (which is another part Squirrly SEO helps you excel at with the improved 2018 Inspiration Box).

That said, let me introduce the upgrades that help you both with writing and SEO.

 Time for A New Look

Right off the bat, you’ll notice a change in the visuals department.

This is how the tool looked like with the 2018 version.

And this is how it looks now with the Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve version:

The information was visible only when hovering over a specific item on the list – which some of the Squirrly SEO users did not notice. So we worked on the issue and came up with a more intuitive display of the research results.

As you can see with the Steve version, Squirrly now has a more user-friendly interface and displays the results in a neat table. You won’t have to hover over each keyword in order to get the data you’re looking for. The Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve keyword research tool saves you some effort and tries to make everything as straightforward as possible.

We gather the keyword data based on the same algorithm, but we introduced intervals for the search volume figures, to make it more relevant for values under 2000. SEMrush was our main provider for the search volume in the past, but they seem to have few keywords available (I mean.. they are a LOT, but still not enough for all our users. We’ve studied this). So for the ones that SEMrush doesn’t know about it we now have our own algorithm that shows the search volume.

To optimize your experience even more, we added the Options column, where you can press the Use Keyword button for the item you select. Once you do this, the keyword will be used in the “Optimize for Keyword” box.

Inside scoop: our next plugin update will let you create and manage your own space for keyword optimization across the entire website. But more on that towards the end of the year – until then, you can check what’s up with this version (called Squirrly Briefcase) on our public Trello board.

Fine-Tuning Your Keyword Research Experience

The Squirrly 2018 keyword research tool was a hit with our users, but we soon realized not all of them had the same needs when it comes to finding keywords.

This applies not only to the number of results retrieved but also to the amount of time different users are willing to spend within this stage of content creation.

So we sorted that out and added a button at the top of the keyword research box. What it displays is a list of 3 options:

  • Fast: retrieves up to 10 results in 20-50 seconds;
  • Normal: up to 20 results in one minute maximum;
  • Complex: up to 50 results in 300 seconds tops (this option analyzes more pages and the retrieval time depends on the type of keyword you enter. For a longtail or less common search query, our algorithm will naturally need more time to analyze the results.

Note: When you get the Squirrly Steve version, the keyword research will be set by default on the Normal mode. If you need fewer or more results, make sure you choose Fast or Complex.

From all our tests, we could see that the Complex search really does the work of an in-house SEO when it comes to researching keywords. It’s true that not everyone wants to spend so much time with the researches, but the results are really impressive. You can uncover many opportunities which would otherwise remain hidden.

 Countries. All of Them

Okay, most of them would’ve been a bit more accurate. Read on to see just how many we have available for you now.

As proud as we were of the Squirrly SEO 2018 version, there still was something missing.

Namely, the Keyword Research Tool displayed 26 countries users could perform the research for.

But since our user base is global, we kept getting asked about this or that country, so it didn’t take long until we added the 114 countries more. This makes for a total of 140 countries you can check. Right inside your WordPress editor. No additional tool needed.

It will give you the search habits and search patterns of people in 140 countries. You can find out exactly how they search in their own country. Searches are way different sometimes even between the U.S. and Australia. Imagine the difference from google.com to google.com.br

And as always, everything that we feed into the algorithms for those 140 countries is un-biased (unaffected by any Google personalization which usually happens in browsers and apps)

SEO specialists or not, you can all rejoice: whichever part of the world you are from, you now get to carry out targeted keyword research. Something like this:

 A Keyword Research Tool with A Twist

The thing with keyword research tools is that they grant you the opportunity to fine-tune your marketing skills.

But fine-tuning does not imply a better understanding of analytics only. It also requires strategic, long-term thinking. Being able to interpret past results and make informed decisions for the future.

Being well aware of this, we enriched our keyword tool by adding the icing on the cake – the Export List option. It is a button you can find at the bottom right of the Keyword Research Tool box :

Click on it and Squirrly will automatically generate a downloadable Excel document featuring all the keywords generated across a research session.

keyword research tool

Now, all the information generated by the Squirrly Keyword Research Tool will be stored inside a separate folder that you can visit anytime you need.

Want to become a better marketer?

You can start by building a keyword research database. You can even compare how these insights changed over a period of time and then assess future changes in trends.

 Bottom Line

The ultimate goal we have in mind with the Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve version is helping business owners and marketers turn website pages from ‘never found’ to ‘always found’ on Google SERPs. In this respect, our updated Keyword Research Tool is certainly a key feature in our plan. Remember that the competition data is incredibly important because it tells you what chances each of your sites have of getting ranked on any keyword.

Here’s a recap on how it will achieve that for you:

  • more control over your keyword research experience;
  • 140 countries to research your keywords for;
  • relevant estimates for search volume data;
  • improved possibilities for local and longtail keywords research.

Once you’ve picked a keyword and created the content optimized for it, you can proceed to use the other Squirrly SEO Plugin settings. Mind you, we’ve got plenty of other feature updates for this version, so I’d say keep an eye on your inbox. 

Last but not least, 10th of October.

Save this date (by getting your free VIP access to the Launch Event)  because this is when we’ll go live for the launch event and show you exactly how all these updates work together.

Til then, keep ranking.

On Thinking Differently. ? Launching Soon. Here’s how you can get early access and your spot for the Launch Event ?

squirrly seo steve

Think Different.

Soon there’s going to be a new Squirrly and we’re calling it Steve to pay homage to Steve Jobs for inspiring entire generations of product developers to think differently and create customer-centric products.

We’re working on massive new features that will make working on SEO a seamless experience.

Get your VIP Access and front-row seats to the launch event here.

And now.. a few words on thinking differently and how this movement drives innovation at Squirrly.

It Started with a Movement.

Color decisions (finally revealing the answer to what people kept asking us since September 2013 when we switched to this logo):
squirrly seo logo steve wordpress seo 2018apple think different inspiration

When we first started the Squirrly Company 5 years ago, what do you think we set out to build?

– was it a generic plugin for WordPress?

NO. It was not. And thankfully we haven’t done that. Neil Patel agrees with me on this (in his own words).

– then what was it?

It was a Personal Assistant, Mentor and Coach for Digital Marketing. Yes, here is where the SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly and also our Settings Assistant have their roots.

At Squirrly we don’t just want to create a software for SEO. We want you to have a personal assistant which guides you through everything you need to do to go from “Never Found” to “Always Found” on the first page of Google.

You see? I’m not very sure that just a simple seo plugin could ever help you with that.

We’ve joined the “Think Different” mentality and movement because I do not want our mind to be limited by virtual boundaries that would naturally be set within our minds if we were to pursue the path of just building simple SEO software.

It was September 2013 when we decided that. It was during that month that we switched our logo to the Squirrly SEO product logo that you know today. And we sure ain’t changing it.

This logo reminds us that we need to keep thinking differently if we are to offer you the best possible solution of getting your pages to always be found on the first page of Google.

Back in 2013, we were the only ones building a software where you got weekly SEO Audits and progress reports. But not just basic crawling errors. Like full audits, sent weekly, for: blogging activity, traffic, SEO site structure, Social Media (if we want to improve your visibility we need to improve your social game as well), Links, Authority.

We would have never reached a point where we would give you such a complex audit on a weekly basis if we had stuck to traditional features. Apparently we were right. We were doing great things, because nowadays most SEO software comes packed with similar audits.

By thinking differently about what we can offer you according to your needs, we have built the Performance Analytics of Squirrly SEO. There’s never been an SEO plugin to offer SERP data, social media data, optimization data, even though these are some of the most important things that you can analyze and act upon.

I admit. Thinking differently set us on a weird path that ended up with us creating over 160 features for WordPress SEO. To understand this number, one could compare it to just 15 basic features present in Yoast, All In One SEO, Ultimate SEO and the others.

Yes, there are over 160 features, and by the time we finish Steve I think there will be a bit more of them.

Isn’t Bigger simply another way of saying Slower?

No. Not when it comes to the way we build software at Squirrly.

We were already the fastest SEO Plugin on the market. This happened in spite of having 108 features as opposed to just 15. Now we have over 160 features and we’re even faster than before. Squirrly SEO: Steve is faster than Squirrly SEO 2018.

Our amazing CTO, Calin Vingan, just outdid himself (again!) and re-wrote most of Squirrly SEO. Everything works better and it will allow us to build amazing things in Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve.

Squirrly is bigger and faster.

My number ONE goal is to help you get everything you need to go from never found to always found.

Other than just providing the tools for this, I want to make sure that you have an amazingly seamless experience with getting to that front page of Google.

That’s why in Steve you will see that it’s easier than ever to do any SEO optimization that you might want to do.

One of the great things you’ll see in Squirrly SEO: Steve is something that you (our amazing community) have told us we need to improve: the Quick SEO Plugin. It will no longer exist as a separate entity, because it has completely become a part of the basic Squirrly SEO offering.

This is not something that we wanted to do. But we do not care about that so much, because it’s important for us to offer you the best experience. An excellent experience, if you will.

Being customer centric is important to us. Being customer centric is more important than building whatever everyone else is building just to satisfy the status quo.

I mean… who’d name their company Squirrly? Well.. someone who IS squirrly. Super, super squirrly about being customer centric.

Does that mean we don’t build these things for us as well? Be 100% certain that we do.

We are also customers and we use Squirrly SEO non-stop. One of the big reasons why it keeps improving so often.

I think we’re managing to keep a really healthy balance in all of this. Also, we really can admit when our ideas weren’t the best. (and keeping QSS separate really wasn’t the best, I can now admit).

Thank you very much for reading this. And also a big thank you to Steve Jobs, the legend who inspired us to go down this path of thinking differently and designing for the best customer experience.

Oh, yes. And we’re having a Youtube LIVE event soon.

Sign up here to learn about the dates, how you can join and make sure you’ll have your private spot at the virtual event.