SEO Basics You Need to Master (Actually Not that Complicated)

Do you ever feel like SEO is too difficult – too difficult to even be worth the effort?

Let me tell you… you’re not the only one.

Look, the world of search engine optimization is complex and ever-changing.

HOWEVER, the basics of SEO are not that complicated. You can easily understand them, and even a small amount of SEO knowledge can make a big difference.

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How to Launch Your Site on the Google Search Engine

Most people create a WordPress site and then try as soon as possible to get the site indexed by this search engine giant (Google).

However, without performing four initial steps, releasing your site and making it public can become a nightmare.

I created a series of four actionable video lessons that will walk you through each of the four steps that will help you avoid these problems.

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How to Check Your Position on Google (Many Get this Wrong)

Finding out the exact position of your site in Google search for everyone other than yourself is a lot harder than people anticipate.

It’s easy to get this wrong because nobody expects the level of data that search engines have about You as a business owner which they use and display you fake info.

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