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Squirrly SEO is the only plugin that allows you to

optimize content and measure its success.

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Download the WordPress SEO plugin today and join over 150,000 business owners who optimize their WordPress for both Search Engines and Humans.

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Even SEO Experts like Neil Patel use this WordPress SEO Plugin, so you know you’re in good company.

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Neil Patel

co-founder, KissMetrics

Why is Squirrly SEO the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?


The main difference is that Squirrly offers 108 features as opposed to just 15 for SEO. Yoast SEO is a very basic plugin, even though it is indeed a good one.

Even if you have the free version of Squirrly, you still get a lot more for SEO than you would using other SEO plugins. You can now optimize every single URL of your site. Something you can’t do in any other plugin.

You have full control over how Google sees your pages and over how people see your pages in social media feeds (on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus).

Squirrly’s PRO features are things that would cost over $600 / month to get from other SEO Software: exact Google Rankings for pages, advanced SEO Keyword Research, SEO Audits, Social Media Audits, Inspiration Box, Copyright-free images, Performance Analytics.

Yoast SEO nor any other classic SEO plugin offer any of these functions.

We think those features are basic anyway, and the PRO features we offer are what really make the difference in on-page SEO.

Download the Best WordPress SEO Plugin Today for free and get ready to rank like never before.

Check our the Squirrly SEO Features

Keyword Research Tool

The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO Superstars can help you shape your strategy. You can find the best key phrases personalized for your site and country.

It gives you lists of suggested Key Phrases made out of 2 to 5 words. This way, you can focus on the specific phrases people are actually searching for on Google.

It will also give you an advantage in ranking on the first page. These keywords are selected based on what the top 10 sites for your topic are also optimizing for.

SEO Virtual Assistant

Squirrly Live Assistant gives you SEO advice while you are typing so you can fully optimize your text right then and there.

No need to go back to your content after you wrote it to make SEO adjustments. Your Content will be ready to GO LIVE once you’re done writing it.

You can publish content that is fully optimized for BOTH Search Engines and Humans – every single time!

Squirrly Edit Snippet Tool

Squirrly Edit Snippet Tool lets you take FULL control of how your posts and pages will look like on Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Channels.

You can change the Schema Type in stored in the Open Graph and Json-LD for Google Structured Tool

Or you can just let Squirrly take care of this Automatically!

Since Squirrly 2018 you can set a page as noindex or nofollow and you have the option to exclude a page from sitemap.xml

Advanced Analytics

With the Advanced Analytics offered by the Business Plan from Squirrly SEO, you’ll able to easily show ranking changes and overall SEO ranking graphics at the click of a button.

Fully Integrated with Briefcase to work with your whole Keyword Portfolio.

Up to 4 Times more Data and Results than all other SERP Checker tools on the market, due to its integration with WordPress and Squirrly SEO.

Squirrly SEO Briefcase (NEW)

Find the best keywords you need for your SEO strategy and save them in Briefcase

Use the Squirrly Briefcase and Squirrly Virtual Live Assistant to optimize one page for multiple keywords

Check daily the Google rank for all the pages you optimized with Squirrly Briefcase

Copywriting Options

One thing bloggers need even more than inspiration is focus. But how can you focus when writing research implies countless searches in your browser?

Squirrly SEO Plugin addresses this issue with its built-in Inspiration Box that turns you into a skilled content manager.

In order for you to work smarter – and inside the same platform! – Squirrly created effortless access to: Copyright Free Photos, TweetsWikis, Blogs and Previous Articles

Weekly SEO Audit

Each week, you receive a score for your site based on several things we analyze, such as blogging, SEO, social, traffic, links, authority.

On SEO Section we check: Meta Keywords , Noindex Tags, Duplicate Meta Tags, Duplicate Titles, Duplicate Descriptions, Empty Titles, Empty Descriptions, Title tags, Meta Descriptions, Page Loading Time and many others.

Social, Links, and Authority Audit

On Social Section we check: Share Buttons, Social Impact, Open Graph protocol, Twitter Card, Follow Me Social Buttons

On Links Section we check: How many high-authority backlinks you have for the latest posts, The total of authority backlinks, Moz Backlinks, NoFollow Links, Majestic Backlinks and more.

On Authority Section we check: MozRank,
Moz Page Authority, Alexa Rank, Domain Age and more.

Json-LD Semantic SEO

Simple and flexible, without the need for you to dive into the actual code. It’s time to impress that Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper and skyrocket your website’s SERP potential by using structured data!

By using JSON-LD, you can highlight various important details of your website to the search engines. Potential which would otherwise remain untapped.