Accurately Track Your Rankings with Squirrly’s User-Friendly Google SERP Checker

Complete with Social Media Performance Analytics

Are you looking for an easy way to track how well your content performs on Google?

Do you want to check if your link-building efforts actually give results?

Would you like to find out how your content performs in different countries?

Then you’ll love Squirrly’s advanced SERP Checker. 

Squirrly’s Google SERP Checker Tool Helps You Explore Your Rank Across Multiple Countries

Squirrly’s WordPress SEO Plugin helps you write great content optimized both for search engines and humans. But, it doesn’t stop there.

It’s actually a feature rich plugin which gives you a full suite of tools, including the Google SERP Checker and the Social Media Performance Analytics.

If you’re targeting more than just one country with your content, you can use Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin to track your rankings for each.

Take Advantage of the Performance Analytics Tool

It’s great to know how your content ranks on Google SERPs.

But Squirrly also gives you insights about how it performed on social media.

✔️  See clear data about how your content performed on each social media channel you shared it.

✔️ View which was the social media channel where your content performed the best.

✔️ Understand how social signals influence your rankings.

Keep Track of Your Google Rankings Evolution without Leaving WordPress

Don’t just take our word for it
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If you’re targeting more than just one country with your content, you can use Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin to track your rankings for each.
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The only SEO plugin that allows you to optimize content and measure its success!
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Squirrly SEO might be able to replace some tools you’re already paying for, like a rank tracker or keyword research tool.
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Squirrly SEO plugin doesn’t stop its job with just publishing the SEO blog post. It continuously monitors the Google ranking for the keywords and updates with the current position in Google.
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Squirrly WordPress SEO plugin is a great plugin for optimizing your blog content as well as tracking your rankings. This full-featured plugin comes with many useful features.
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For those who are not SEO experts, Squirrly SEO is perfect for them. It meets this requirement by offering a comprehensive SEO suite without any complex elements.
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A unique feature of Squirrly is that the rankings of the created content are displayed within the plugin (...) you can follow the rankings of your posts live and, if necessary, carry out further optimizations.
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This plugin will help even a person with no SEO knowledge to create highly optimized content. Most importantly it is easy to set up and use!
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Many WordPress people will say that Yoast is the top SEO plugin, but I honestly can say they Squirrly beats it hands down.
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It is very easy to use and its special thing is that with the help of this you can know which of your posts is ranking on which page for which keyword. After doing this, you can make small big changes in those posts and get it ranked at the top.

“I use Squirrly every time I create a new post.”

– Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KissMetrics.

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