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[Infographic]15 Battle-Tested Formulas for Epic Content Promotion Email Subject Lines

A lot of effort goes into creating an awesome, valuable, interesting piece of content.

So, as soon as the ink dries on your post, you obviously want as many people to rush to your blog and read it.

That said, one of the most effective ways to get traffic directly to your most recent piece of content is to promote it to your mailing list.

So, whenever you publish a new article on your blog, you should send an email broadcast to your email list that includes a link back to the blog post on your site.

The problem is:

It’s not always easy to come up with interesting email subject lines that will get those emails opened, right?

Luckily, you can use these formulas to create email subject lines that will stand out even in the most cluttered Inbox.

1. Formula: A better/simpler/faster way to [Topic of Your Article – Benefit Oriented]

? Example: A faster way to find the best accommodation in Germany

2. Formula: [Number] Lessons [I/We] Learned by [Something You Did]

? Example:  10 Lessons I’ve Learned by Working from Home

3. Formula: the best to [Topic of Your Article]

? Example:  the best time to post on Twitter – for every industry

4. Formula: you probably didn’t know this about [Topic of Your Article]

? Example: you probably didn’t know this about working from home

5. Formula: % of [Type of Person] make this mistake

? Example:  45% of small business owners make this mistake

**fresh statistics that are related to the topic of your article should be used here.

6. Formula: my best-kept secrets about [Topic of Your Article]

? Example:  my best-kept secrets about booking cheap flights to Europe

7. Formula: my biggest [Topic of Your Article] mistake

? Example:  my biggest social media marketing mistake

8. Formula: how we [Obtained Result]

? Example:  how we got 10,000 visits from social media

9. Formula: Do THIS if you want [Goal]

? Example: do THIS if you want to grow your email list

10. Formula: need help with [Topic of Your Article]?

? Example: need help getting more traffic to your blog?

11. Formula: what no one tells you about [Topic of Your Article]

? Example: what no one tells you about working from home

12. Formula: [New + current year] Title of your article

? Example:  [New 2020] How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

13. Formula: [Main Topic of Your Article], [Subtopic 1], [Subtopic 2]

? Example: setting business goals, adjusting to change, moving forward

14. Formula: the art of [Main Topic of Your Article]

? Example: the art of setting smart business goals

15. Formula: New this Month/Week: [Title of Your Article]

? Example: New This Week: How to Overcome Barriers and Turn Your Plans into Actions

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