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This is one of our first developer updates videos. Usually we only have developer update videos when we launch a new version of the Squirrly SEO Software, like when we launched the 2015 and then the 2016 versions.

I have an exciting announcement to make in this video. It’s an announcement that took even us, the ones making Squirrly SEO happen, by surprise.

This is our first ever Developer Updates video and I’m giving spoilers about Squirrly 2017 and Squirrly 2018 (which will be launched at the same time this spring).

See the video.

There are 17 massive updates that we’ve already made to the Squirrly SEO Plugin since the Squirrly 2016 version.

You can see a quick pdf with 17 slides. Link here.

However, I suggest you watch this video and hear me describe each update.

I talk about each of the 17 updates in this video.

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