Squirrly SEO

If I have bought the PRO Plan for Squirrly SEO in 2017 – do I need to buy a new PRO for the 2020 version?

PRO Plans at Squirrly always give you by default all the new improvements made available for the PRO Plan.

Basically your 2017 PRO gave you access at no extra cost to 2018 PRO, then to 2018: Steve PRO, then to 2018: Briefcase PRO, then to 2019 PRO and now it will give you access to 2020 PRO.

It’s our pleasure to make this awesome for you and unlike all those other SaaS companies out there, we grandfather the subscriptions (meaning that we don’t force increased prices for current subscribers, like MailChimp, SendGrid, Instapage and others do)

Best regards,
Florin Muresan,
CEO of Squirrly

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