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It’s been a really squirrly week with many exciting things happening in our Company. You may already know that we’re soon releasing the new versions of our Flagship product: Squirrly SEO.

What’s also important is that we began having constant Live Chat sessions on Youtube Live after our weekly LiveStreams.

The Youtube Channel has grown quite well starting February this year. We even had a cool giveaway which helped us announce it to our audiences.

So: what is our Youtube Channel? What do we plan to do with it? Here’s how we think about it:

Helping You Get the Best Arsenal on Your Mission to Becoming #1.

You need great tools to get ahead of everybody else and become number 1. Whether it’s about communicating better with your customers, providing amazing and engaging experiences for them, converting website traffic into leads, we’ll show you everything there is.

There are tons of digital marketing tools out there that you could be using. The question is: Should you?

Also: Should you spend time, start trials or free accounts, do a lot of work just to see how each tool works? Only to then have to figure out on your own how to use these tools to get Growth?

I know. It’s a big No No! Yet, you need great weapons in your arsenal. That’s where we come in. Me and Alexandra (COO of Squirrly) use and have used tons of tools. You just have to watch us on our Youtube Channel and you’ll get to see how to get growth with each digital marketing tool that we present.

You’ll never have to test tools again. You can just see them in action on our Channel. When you decide you like them, that’s the best moment for you to actually start using the tools.

There’s going to be a new video every single Thursday at 4 PM, London Time.

I’m finally announcing this, because I know that we can really stick to this schedule right now.

Jump on Youtube Live here every Thursday at 4 PM (London Time) and you’ll also be able to chat with us. You can ask us questions while we’re streaming the way we use the marketing tools. After we finish the video, we’ll hang out and start answering the questions from the chat box.

I love showing these tools and I hope you’ll love watching the videos.

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