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Making sure your organization looks good on Google is just a small aspect of SEO. It does have a bigger impact on branding once Google crawls and updates your information.

The Secret behind Huffington Post’s beautiful and professional display in the Google search results:

JSON-LD and the Optimized Snippet (which you can make even better. See the end of the article)

JSON-LD sounds boring, I know. But look what it does for the Huffington Post. In this lesson, I’ll show you how you can get the same thing for your WordPress site.

Practical Things You’ll Learn in this Lesson:

  • How to set up your JSON-LD information
  • How to connect your Social Media Profiles with your Site for Google
  • How to edit the meta information of an article

Imagine the trust and social proof your organization or personal brand would achieve if you started using JSON-LD WordPress.

The whole part that you see on the right side of the screenshot above is due to the JSON-LD. Huffington Post has a banner ad in the search engine, which displays info about their organization and their social media profiles.

You can easily customize and provide essential details about you or your organization so that they show up for users in Search results. 

  • Name: Specify the preferred name you want Google to display in Organic Search results.

  • Logo: Set up the image you want Google to use in association with you or your organization in Organic Search results.

  • Social Media Profiles. Use this markup to indicate which are the social media accounts associated with you or your organization that you want Google to display in Organic Search results.

Using structured data, you can make sure the correct information about you or your organization reaches users and enhances your site’s presence online. That translates into:

⇒ Increased brand awareness.

⇒ Enhanced brand recognition.

⇒ Promoting your social media accounts and possibly get more followers.

JSON-LD WordPress Feature Is Now Available for Your Site

With Squirrly, you can make sure your website is as professional-looking as Mashable and the Huffington Post, which will certainly help your business.

The people who search for your brand name keywords will be happy to see that you are a trusted service provider.

Here are the exact steps you need to take to make your WordPress site look as great as the Huff Post.

You can learn more on the topic from our Knowledge Base as well.

To have the social media included in your JSON-LD, you’ll have to add your official profiles in the Squirrly Plugin -> SEO Settings -> Social Media tab.

Scroll down to the Social Media Accounts Panel and you’ll find the fields you need to fill in.

Display Your Website in Search Engine Results Better than Huffington Post Does 

Here’s why I’m saying that the Post failed here. Look down at the screenshot.

You’ll see that their meta description at the time of writing this post is:

That is terrible. If the Huffington Post didn’t have such a huge brand, people would not click in the search results to see their page, because it looks like a broken website.

With the help of the Squirrly Snippet, you can see how Google will see your posts and your website – while editing. 

This will help you avoid the mistake made by the media publisher’s crew.

This is a huge advantage for you!

With Squirrly, the crew from Huffington would’ve seen from the start that the display is not right and that they need to fix something on the website.

Follow the presentation below to get the meta description of a page in your site looking great.

Make your WordPress site stand out on SERP

This is all for today.

Make sure to apply what you’ve learned from this lesson. Squirrly makes it easy for you to implement all of this without having to edit the code of your site.

You still have to provide the right data to put into your site. You’ll have to write an accurate description of your organization and add the links to your social profiles. Squirrly will take care of the complicated aspects.

Your Goals for this Lesson:

  • Set up your JSON-LD information
  • Connect your social media profiles with your site
  • Edit the meta information of an article

Enjoy and Keep Ranking!

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  1. I thought it would be a lot more technical to implement this. I don’t know about codes and all.

    seems great that I can do it with Squirrly. I thought only big brands had access from Google to display their sites like this.

    I think I saw that Mashable and Moz had this.

    • Yes, just follow the slide and you’ll also be able to get access to that feature.

  2. Looks good. Thanks for the email. In the slide: you mention that the changes we make now will take a while to be displayed on Google.

    how much time is that?

    • I don’t know that, but it’s clear that they will roll it out in the next 3 months. But I can’t say for sure.

      The only 100% thing is that they will roll it out, and we wanted to help you get your websites ready by the time they do roll out this change.

  3. Good to know we can look like big publishers now. And are you sure you are accurate about the snippet?

    • Yes, we had a couple of users asking us why squirrly displays different meta information in the snippet, than what they are typing.

      It’s because they have errors in the website, that they do now know about.

      Squirrly gives you accurate 100% information in the Squirrly Snippet. It’s exactly what a person searching on Google would get to see.

  4. Well, I guess you’ve just re-activated me as a user.

    Over the last year I haven’t used Squirrly anymore. The new features make me want to try again

    • Glad to hear that, Howard.

  5. The JSON-LD looks really interesting, i have to enable it.

    But what you mean with the Snippet Preview: Will it show what Google choose to show, if i don`t have a custom description based on the chosen Keyword i selected in Squirrly SEO?

    And to use a custom OpenGraph Image is in Yoast`s WordPress SEO possible (Hint: third Tab) or am i wrong?

    • For the Snippet:

      You can customize the snippet with the chosen keyword from Squirrly. That is correct. But when you click the Update button of the Squirrly Snippet, one of the following things will happen:

      1) It will show you the title and meta description EXACTLY as you wrote them.

      2) It will show you something different from what you were writing in it.

      If number #2 happens, it’s because there is another plugin in your WordPress that interferes with your SEO.

      That’s why we made the Squirrly Snippet this way. If #2 occurs, then the user will be able to spot the SEO problem in her or his site.

      As for the second question you had:

      I think you can use Open Graph now in Yoast as well. But Squirrly also has those aspects implemented. And it makes sure duplicates will NOT appear.

      If you have Yoast settings, duplicates might appear from All In One SEO, or other SEO or SOcial Media plugins.

      If you have Squirrly Settings, we remove any duplicates that may appear.

      This is a new feature of the 2015 version.

      Plus, if anything happens, you’ll know in your SEO Audit.

  6. Hello Florin
    I did the upgrade to the 2015 version. Is the JSON-LD only available on the paid version? Thanks for all.

    • Hey,

      No, you can use Json-LD as a free user too. The Squirrly On-page SEO is available for all users.

      Best regards,

  7. Awesome!

    I really love squirrly, to me you are the best SEO plugin!!!

  8. Perfect timing! Just redoing my whole site. Can’t wait to activate that. Your growth is amazing! Congrats!

  9. Since I start looking for SEO for WordPress, I had a few plugins, very famous, but for my experience, Squirrly is the very best. Pretty to work with, easy to navigate, had all features and is simply perfect! Thank you, keep a good work !

  10. Looks great, we’ll give it a try. today we’re using partial data.

  11. Thankks for tips

  12. Thanks a lot for this tip. Just followed all the steps. Now I must cross fingers . Squirrly is the best plugin for me and my blog. I understand the commands, doesn’t make me wonder, or ponder, it’s easier to understand, and i don’t get lost as with the other plugins. Thanks!

  13. Hi. I am a newbie when it comes to seo or internet marketing. I discovered that my newly created wordpress site wasn’t displaying anything and the last task I performed was to scrap it with squirrly. Please I want to know it the operation I did was responsible for the site not displaying again. Thanks but I must commend you guys for a good job.

  14. Thanks for this excellent article – we’ve implemented the JSON-LD on our site and tested it on the Structured Data testing site, but it tells us our URL parameter is invalid – it comes up as “url”: “/”, – is there somewhere I can set this?

    All the best!


    • Hey Colin,

      I checked your site and the JSON-LD issue comes from another plugin (wpsso meta tags) which adds also a JDON-LD code.


  15. Hi Florin,
    I’ve been using Squirrly for about a week now, and wasn’t sure what this function was. Now I know and have activated it since reading this post & it worked like a charm. Thank you for the info!

    • You’re welcome, Brian!

  16. I have used in my blog, but the loading of the site is very slow, it is taking a longer time to squirrly in wordpress back end. some features like showing green button, this resembles SEO PRessor.

    Over all it is great plugin.

  17. Oh, my. Squirly is awesome stuff! The plugin makes you want to invest an entire day on learning everything about it. I installed the plugin days ago but (thanks to your daily training) I was motivated to go a litter deeper into it. The tips explained here regarding snippets and JSON-LD is so refreshing. I couldn’t thank you enough, Florin. You made it very comprehensive. I look forward to seeing the difference in my content. This is the best WordPress plugin I’ve discovered thus far.

    • You’re Awesome!
      Thank you so much for the feedback.
      It means a lot to us.

      Enjoy Squirrly SEO!

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