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#1 on Product Hunt today, in the WordPress category:

BIG Day: Briefcase by Squirrly made it to today’s page on Product Hunt.

It made it to NUMBER #1 in the WordPress category already,

Why is Briefcase important? – it helps you easily manage your SEO Strategy for multiple sites, including WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix. Also, it helps you collaborate with other members of your marketing team, SEO contractors and writers.

See the Screenshots. See it in action.

Squirrly SEO 2018: Briefcase. Launches today officially. Hit the button below and Watch the Launch Video. Walks you through everything you should know about Briefcase

Squirrly Briefcase is essential to managing your SEO Strategy?.

If you collaborate with other people from your team, outsourced writers or SEO contractors, everything will fall apart in very short time if you don’t hold the line. What line? – the line of: “these are the keywords we’ll focus on”

If you want to create an unbeatable SEO Strategy you should start with Briefcase: ? ? ?

Unbeatable SEO Strategy Info

? If you’re launching an online shop selling Black Panther Action Figures, you’ll want to make sure you let search bots and people know that all of the site is indeed related to Marvel’s character, that you do have content related to the comics and 2018 movie.

? With Briefcase you’ll find the best opportunities for keywords you’re using in the Awareness Stage, Decision Stage and other stages you may plan for your Customer’s Journey.

? You’ll be able to categorize all your keywords to stuff like: “best opportunities”, “purely contextual to build authority in this field”, “strong purchase intent”.

? Once you’re done finding, labeling and storing your best opportunities for your Strategy, you’ll have very easy ways of providing all your collaborators with all these details.

#Help Us Become Number 1 on all of Product Hunt:

Some of you have already been on Product Hunt and voted us today, for which I thank you very much.

Squirrly Briefcase is currently number #1 in the WordPress category. Your votes can make the plugin rank #1 today in all of Product Hunt. (the largest internet community which places the best products in front of business owners and marketers).

See the WordPress plugin. Squirrly is #1.

^^ it’s a great way to also learn about other cool WP plugins and apps.

How can you help us rank #1 on the front page as well? (with your support we can totally do it!)

1) Go to Product Hunt
2) Click our listing and show your support.

If you see that listing, you’ll also see how you can start using Squirrly SEO 2018: Briefcase for websites that haven’t been built on WordPress.

Keep Ranking,
Florin Muresan

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