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Top 5 free tools for testing your website’s performance

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1. Squirrly SEO Plugin

The audit from Squirrly gives users precious insight into how their website’s performance help them improve their online presence and boost their sites rankings.

You receive a score for your site based on several things the tool analyzes, such as blogging, SEO, social, traffic, links, authority.

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2. ContentLook

ContentLook helps you take a look at your whole Content Marketing Strategy and offers an easy way to streamline your workflow and take key actions to grow your business.

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3. Pingdom Tools

With Pingdom’s website monitoring you’ll be the first to know when your website is down and you’ll stay on top of your website’s performance. 

Monitoring your website’s performance and servers is always a smart decision. Pingdom will display the load time of your webpage and also provide you with a performance grade based on several important factors.

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4. Google PageSpeed

PageSpeed Insights measures the performance of a page for mobile devices and desktop devices. It fetches the URL twice, once with a mobile user-agent and once with a desktop-user agent.

The PageSpeed Score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A higher score is better and a score of 85 or above indicates the page is performing well. Please note that PageSpeed Insights is being continually improved and so the score will change.

PageSpeed Insights measures how the page can improve its performance on:

5. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is also one of the free tools, which grades your website’s speed and has a suite of features and options to optimize your website speed clear and easy.

GTmetrix can help you develop a faster, more efficient and all-around improved website experience for your users.

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What Other Free Tools Do You Use to Monitor Your Website’s Performance?

What other free tools you think should have made it into the list? Make sure to share your suggestions in the comment section below!

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