unbeatable seo strategy with squirrly for wordpress
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Squirrly is for the NON-SEO Experts. But this feature right here will make Earth’s mightiest SEOs feel awe.

Let’s show some awesome.

Squirrly SEO Steve brought so much power to WordPress websites, that we had to create Briefcase to make sure all that power can be controlled.

This is what you want to read.

First: Squirrly Briefcase is also available on Squirrly Cloud, so you can use it on Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Wix, whatever you want.

Second: the Briefcase will help you, your team, your writers, your outsourced agency, your clients to stay true to your SEO Strategy.

Squirrly Steve took the power of Squirrly from 100 features to 200 features… which is quite insane. There’s a lot you could be doing with all the new features and that’s why Briefcase is imperative.

Briefcase helps everyone (who has access to your WP admin and to your Squirrly Cloud) stay on the same page when it comes to your SEO Strategy. Your content will easily be relevant to all the other pieces of content on your site.

You won’t fall into the trap of starting with a content marketing blog, and then going into areas like: “Startup Events”, “VC Investments in Content Marketing Startups”, etc.

You won’t risk starting out with an auto repair shop SEO strategy and then getting lost in “volkswagen beetle vs mercedes C class” keywords.

Stay Focused on Your SEO Strategy.

Everyone loves creativity. But sometimes, creative minds can often be lead astray easily by shiny new ideas. That can completely hurt the overall relevance of your site in the eyes of Google… And let’s be honest for a second here: In the eyes of your customers as well!

The good news is that Briefcase will hold everything together for you and yours.

If you’ve been a SEO for as long as I’ve been (started SEO in 2009 for many customers of our old web design agency), you know how hard it is to manage SEO.

I think back on all the excel files, the .doc files, the sketches in notebooks, texts in .pdfs. Everything gets disorganized so fast, even if you’re the only person working on the project.

Imagine if you have people “helping out”.

For an ecommerce store, a platform, or a large magazine it’s impossible to keep up a great SEO Strategy if you don’t have a great way to manage SEO.

I’ve never seen a tool that helps you keep everything clear, in one place, allow access to others, and also communicate with the other SEO tools you’re using.

It’s the reason why Squirrly Briefcase came to be and why you should start using it.

A Great Workflow to get you started.

The best workflow would be to do the following (regardless of the stage of your website and current strategy):

1) Place all the keywords you’ll want to focus on with your SEO Strategy.

2) Place all the keywords you know will make sense for the relevance of your site into your Briefcase.

eg. place keywords about Marvel if you’re writing about the 2018 Black Panther Movie from Marvel.

3) If you’re uncertain about all the keywords, use the Keyword Research feature from Squirrly. It has an amazing button which helps you send the best keywords you find straight to your Briefcase.

4) You can click to do an updated keyword research to all the keywords in your briefcase. After you do this, the Briefcase feature will remember the data for your keywords.

All the data: possibility to rank, according to main competitors for that keyword, social media conversations volume, search volume, real-time trend (yes, we’ve introduced Real time trends).

The icing on the cake comes after performing extra researches for the same keywords in the future, because Briefcase will automatically update its own data.

5) You’re all set. If you have more than 1 site with Squirrly, you’ll want to do this for the other websites as well, because every websites has its own Briefcase.

Which makes sense, because every site has its own SEO Strategy.

More stuff you’re unlocking with Briefcase

After you add the data to Briefcase you’ll be able to easily access it from now on when optimizing Blog Posts and Pages.

Briefcase will start counting the number of times you’ve used the keywords in Briefcase when optimizing pages on your site.

This will help you spot the keywords you’re either using too often or just not often enough.

It will also show you important parts of your strategy and important keywords that you have yet to use.

Your writers will certainly thank you for this, because they’ll have a clearer idea about what content they should produce in the future.

In the next chapters, I’ll go into detail about how you’re going to use everything you set up with today’s article.

Spoiler #1: optimize one page for many keywords to provide better contextual data, or to be found for more items from within the written content.

Spoiler #2: get your Briefcase integrated with the Advanced Analytics from Squirrly to provide you up to 4x more Google Ranking data for any keyword and for any page. You’ll see how to use it to check current rankings for each keyword and see how many of your pages rank for that word. You’ll get to see your social signals directly in Briefcase with this integration.

Keep Ranking… Build a solid core. Rank better than ever before.

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