New version of Squirrly 2015 release date

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The new version of Squirrly SEO 5.0 was launched on 27th April 2015, and it is available in the WordPress directory.

We worked very hard to make huge improvements for the Squirrly SEO plugin.

What does Squirrly 5.0 include? Is it compatible with the future release of WordPress 4.2?

The answer to all of these questions is YES!

The new version of Squirrly will work even faster, it will be easier to set up, and it will include all the new SEO requests for Search Engines.

Here are some of the most important changes:

  • A different Squirrly look. We’ve Added a SEO and Settings page
  • It is compatible with the WP eCommerce plugin
  • We’ve added interactive learning features for the entire Squirrly SEO plugin
  • Your posts will save faster, even if you have a long form article, and remote images
  • We’ve added robots.txt for multisites with security
  • We’ve added sitemap for multisites
  • We’ve added sitemap.xml for images and videos in every article
  • We’ve added the JSON-LD in Structured Data META
  • We’ve added the favicon.ico for multisites
  • We’ve added the icons for Apple devices
  • We’ve added the SEO progress bar, that you will see when editing a post
  • We’ve added the SEO Star option in Dashboard
  • You will now have the option to show Squirrly for selected Post Types


Screenshots from the new version of Squirrly SEO 5.0

Squirrly SEO Settings
Show Squirrly for selected Post Types
json ld options
Json-LD Option for Organization and Person
Sitemap option for images and videos
Sitemap Option for images and videos

Download Squirrly SEO

You can learn all about the new features from here.