Squirrly SEO

A must have

Very happy with the Squirrly, which has helped me rank number 1 on 8 keywords and on the first page for 30 keywords.

I manage our website in house. So, I can only spend so much time working on website improvements. I used the free version for about a year then couldn’t pass up the lifetime version when it came up. Best money I’ve invested on our site.

I use Google Page Speed, Alexa, Hubspot and now Squirrly to rate my site regularly and uncover areas of improvement. Among them, Squirrly is the most informative. The Squirrly Audit helped me uncover specific issues to improve site performance. The fact that the audit is performed automatically and regularly helps me stay focused on making small improvements as I have time.

Occasionally, I had problems with inaccurate readings by the audit tool. However the Squirrly team treats me as a partner and seems to appreciate the feedback. So, despite these minor inconveniences I give them 5 stars because of their responsiveness.

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