I am a disabled Aliengeek that loves to rank out there with good articles and full Google compliance.

Some days I am too sick to get out of bed, let alone compete with link wheel shoppers and people who try to spam and scam the system. Squirrly lets me put myself in a position to compete, and dominate.

I rank for my keywords and I rank for my sites. What really makes me happy? I get an e-mail congratulating me on my efforts and it just feels like WOW, my own DOCTORS don’t congratulate me! When it comes to consistent ranking and REAL web search results, this is your best defense against the spammers.

I admit, I’ve got a few youtube videos up there to keep my visitors engaged and after these new updates I can honestly say GOOGLE LOVES IT!!!!! I’m sure you know, if your reading this, that keyword competition is hard hard work. I can easily go to the hospital for recovery when I need to and KEEP MY RANKINGS! I don’t get “danced” like so many others seem to and I owe ALL of this to Squrrily.

If you want dominating SEO and are not scared to get your hands dirty with some good quality content, give them a try. It is even perfect for small bloggers like me because I can’t always afford to go pro on every site and that really has not mattered.

As long as I follow the guidelines set out by Squirrly and trust in these efforts, I know I am ranking well. Let me cut to the chase. I wouldn’t be a success today without them. If you are buying back-links and using automation software I really want you to give this a try and do an honest side by side. Getting on page 1 for 5 seconds is nothing next to the feeling of being an authority rank across ALL the search engines.

I have gladly tossed in the towel when it comes to the search for the best technology out there and I will be a supporter of Squirrly for many years to come. I wouldn’t even THINK of blogging with out them by my side helping me get the job done right. As I said I am disabled and to me a company that supports the disabled in success is something to stand up and take note of.

On the days it is just too hard, they pick up the slack. When I’m too depressed to care about my rankings, they NEVER STOP CARING! I go to sleep every night knowing that my work is protected and as long as I keep checking back with Squirrly, I will be ok out there.

I think what impressed me the most is the value of the adverts I am able to display now as well. I get requests, I don’t have to make them! For me the goal is fewer advertisements and more content. Now I can achieve that.

Thanks Squirrly team and rest assured you got my vote.

I’ve never used a more perfect product.

Paul Strayer