Better than the Average Agency Plan

We’ve created Web Dev Kit for Co-Branding Capabilities, but also as a B I G requests from agencies who really wanted to offer their customers the absolute best.

Web Dev Kit

Agency Plan

Logo Change for Plugin:

Plugin Name Change in Menu:

Plugin Name Change in Plugins section:

Business Plan Features:

End-Users (your customers) NOT able to see the list with other sites made / maintained by YOUR agency:

No Access to Cloud App of Squirrly SEO for end-users (only for your admins, managers and your agency’s team alone):

End Users don’t need to login to an account to start using Squirrly SEO:

End Users see NO ADS from our company inside the plugin or WordPress:

Make one customized ZIP file and install on all client WP sites: 

Pre-configure the Squirrly SEO Menu and SEO Settings, to that all installations will be the same and exactly as your agency wants:

Configure the Experience your customers will have with Squirrly SEO:

Option to Change the Audit’s texts for success and failure messages:

Select which users will receive the audit: 

Squirrly’s Private SERP Checker Cloud for Google Rankings:

Deep Keyword Research:

Keyword Research Credits distributed / site, instead of / account:

Focus Pages: 10 focus pages / site:

Trusted by top-performing organizations

Microsoft, Creative Market, TopGear, BBC, CyberGhost, SeedCamp, ElegantThemes, ThemeIsle

WordPress SEO Management Made Super Easy For You

Pre-customize SEO settings inside the .zip file you’ll download for your customers.

Settings and Optimizations Backups, to avoid massive headaches.

Remove end-user access to your Cloud Squirrly SEO App.

You’ll no longer have to worry that your clients will login to your Cloud account and see the list with the other customers that your agency serves.

Configure the Squirrly SEO Experience for your end-users.

You have many Configurations you can make to Turn OFF or Turn ON different functionality regarding different sections of Squirrly SEO.

Customize The Way Customers See Our Product

Your co-branding on the plugin, making the SEO tool you provide super personalized.

Your ads inside the audit.

You can customize the texts that appear for Success and for Failure types of messages inside the Audit.

Buttons to schedule calls with your company for further website enhancement contracts.

You can change Name of Plugin as it appears in the:

– “Plugins” section of WordPress

– Ordinary WordPress admin menus.

Other Special Benefits You'll Get

Offers the Keyword Research Credits per Site – NOT per account.

Make sure they won’t have some of your clients consuming the total available keyword research credits.

Business-Level Keyword Research.

Offers Deep Keyword Research, and works like an extended Business Plan (as opposed to Agency plan, which works as an extended PRO Plan).

Business-Level SERP Checker Credits.

Offers SERP Cloud by Squirrly (the professional SERP Checker services of the Squirrly Company, that updates your ranking data daily).

You decide which customers get weekly audits and which don’t.

You decide for which sections you’ll have the lead generation buttons, for them to schedule the calls.

Your customers will love it too

Your end-user starts using Squirrly SEO, without having to login to any account. Your zip file takes care of that.

Amazing customer service on all zips installed by your company.

Your end-users (your agency’s customers) will see your branding and know this tool is something special you provided.

They will gain more trust and feel better about your brand as an agency and developers.

No ads from us, except the buttons which appear in case they go over the limits, in which case we suggest them to go agency.

No emails from us.

Our customers trust us

See what our customers say about the software we provide & how we’ve helped them.


I am pretty dang excited about this plugin and the tools that go along with it. It gives great instruction on what to do to get your site ranked at the top! Great plugin and tools! I will be adding all of my WordPress SEO clients to this.

Joseph K, Small-Business Owner


Highly recommend Squirrly products.

We are one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Australia. We provide Secure Hosting, website design, SEO, social media, and digital strategies.

After exhaustive trials with competitive products, we believe Squirrly to be the Best Option for search engine results and SEO.

There should be a Squirrly ⭐ STAR on ‘The Hollywood Walk of Fame’!

Tim O’Dea, CEO of 3bits


This plugin makes a web designer’s dream come true. My clients are blown away and already have asked for more. This is a complete content marketing tool.. Well done!

Vice Jakomo, web designer