Add an image. Use emojis. Mention an influencer in your post.

You’ve probably heard this advice over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, you should take best practices such as those into account when creating twitter messages.

But here’s the problem:

Those best practices don’t help with what’s typically one of the biggest problems with promoting content on Twitter in the first place.

And that is:

WHAT to write in your twitter messages and HOW to phrase everything in such a way that will make people want to click.

Well, that’s what these formulas are going to help you with.

So, are you ready to create twitter messages like a magician?

1. Present the topic of your article in a straightforward way.

With this one, you’re staying away from any whistles and simply showing your audience exactly what they are going to get out of your content.

  • Formula: [Number]  + adjective  + steps/ways  to [achieve desired outcome]: LINK

? Example: 9 simple ways to keep visitors on your site for longer: URL

2. Showcase the problem that your article solves and then present the solution.

  • Formula: [Question about specific challenge/issue]? Check out these [number] ways to [achieve the desired result] here. LINK

? Example: Struggling to keep visitors on your site for longer? Check out these simple ways to turn your mistakes around: URL

3. Show the Before and After.

  • Formula: [Statement about the problem] + [question that suggests there’s a simple solution to that problem] + [call-to-action]: LINK

? Example: Getting visitors to stay on your site is challenging. But what if there were simple tactics you could use to make your content more interesting? Discover what they are in this article: URL

4. Give your opinion on the problem. 

  • Formula: [Expression of view/facts] + [statement pointing to your content]: LINK

? Example: Posting only promotional tweets reduces your chances of building meaningful connections with your audience. Here’s why and what to do instead: URL

5. Start with a rhetorical question. 

  • Formula:  [Rhetorical question about the problem] + [call-to-action pointing to your content]: LINK

? Example: Are you struggling to keep visitors on your site for longer? Read this article to discover 9 simple ways to fix this problem: URL

6. Present a statistic or a relevant fact. 

  • Formula: [Relevant statistic or fact about the problem] + [Post title]: LINK

? Example: Most users will decide whether to stick on your page or not within the first 15 seconds. Here are 5 effective ways to reduce bounce rate: URL

7. Call out your audience.

This formula is all about referencing the audience for whom you’ve created the article in your tweet.

  • Formula: [Audience] + [Question that relates to the topic of your article]: LINK

? Example:  Small business owners, which one of these 4 best practices are you using to attract more visitors to your site? URL

8. Use a Quote from your article.

You can simply use a sentence from your article as a twitter message.

  • Formula: [Quote] + Learn more from this article: LINK. 

? Example: Regardless of your business’s niche or industry, you can benefit from investing in a reliable rank tracking tool. Learn more from this article: URL

9. The title of your article in Question format.

  • Formula [Article title in question format] + Then you should check out this article: LINK

? Example: Want to hire the best comedians for your corporate event? Then check out this article: URL (in this example, the title of the article is: The Best Comedians for Your Corporate Event)


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