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If you haven’t joined the Beta yet, now is your chance.

You will get many tips and updates that will only be available there, plus you can help shape up your new favorite SEO consultant who is Not a human.

If you get the beta today and add a Focus Page (if you already have a focus page defined in your Squirrly SEO you don’t have to do this again), you will see that it will give you a different score for “Chances of Ranking”.

– the chances of Ranking for each page inside the Focus Pages section is now calculated according to our Machine Learning algorithms.

I know that those of you who came from the previous version were wondering why it tells different scores now.

We believe in the new system and we’ve really experimented with what it told us for 3 months before launching this Beta version for Squirrly 2020. It’s very accurate and does the scoring according to how it “sees” Google itself scoring pages when deciding which page to place before another.

If you’re not sure how Google works or how it decides to show pages on the first page of Google, then you need this ultimate guide for beginners. (it doesn’t require an email or anything. You can start reading instantly).

The New Squirrly

The new Squirrly has its own way of telling you the most probable chances of ranking according to everything the system studies from our databases. According to how 600,000 sites and all their (tracked) pages evolved within different search results for different keywords.

Which is completely different than how we made it before in 2019, when if you completed all GREEN lights you had 100%.

Now you can have 100% with just a few Green lights, but this may be completely different from page to page, because of the new chances of ranking system.

Because it calculates everything very similar to how Google does, it provides the clearest indications for how close you are to actually ranking on the first page in Google.

Daily SEO Goals help you increase those chances of ranking super-fast.

Also, now in Squirrly 2020, our system tells you whenever you have a page that just can’t get ranked.

Because it happens more often than you’d think and gives you indications to change the main keyword you’re trying to rank it for, change the page altogether, or boost it’s credibility in the “eyes of Google” by getting more social signals, inner links, and backlinks (quality ones, not Fiverr links).

However, if you’re like me, you’ll just switch to different keywords, to earn traffic fast, without having to deal with the complicated side of SEO (which is off-page SEO). There are many quick wins you can get just with on-page SEO, and Squirrly 2020 will show you all about it.

Remember how I ranked two pages to TOP 10 in Google in just one week?

All those things can be even faster with the new chances of ranking algorithm.

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