A private SEO consultant that lives inside WordPress.

Your help with getting us here today is greatly appreciated!

This is our biggest community event yet. A Maximum of 76 Gifts and Prizes (premium software, books, and premium online classes) can be given today.

We’ve worked over 10 years to create this, and now it’s finally on Product Hunt.

Official live stream, with live chat and Keynote will follow later today. (in about 2 to 3 hours from now; exact time here)

1) Squirrly SEO PRO (this was the first prize we dropped today)
2) ContentLook Business Plans (this was the second prize we dropped today)

74 more could be given today if you join us. It takes a whole community to make for a great community event 🙂

Those premium versions from 1) and 2) have already been dropped as prizes inside the Comments Section of this Product Hunt Page.

If you show your support on Product Hunt today (by helping us reach a better position) and show your support in the comments section, we will give all 76 Prizes today (on PH and on Youtube). More comments, more prize drops.

However, the Keynote and Developer Updates sections of the Live Event on Youtube today will have the best prizes.

Go here to find out the exact hour it goes live.

Here you can see how to access the Live Chat section of our Youtube launch event (necessary to win prizes)

I am super excited to share this new innovation and the news surrounding this product.

However, the feedback on Product Hunt today and the conversations around the prize drops we are releasing inside the comments section and also on the Live Chat on Youtube, will make this an amazing day together.

Squirrly SEO 2020 on Product Hunt today.

We began working on what you’ll see today 2 years before even starting the Squirrly company. This has always been our dream.

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