Patrick Curtis is the founder and CEO of Wall Street Oasis, an online community focused on careers in finance founded in 2006. 

His business was built on user-generated content and long-tail organic traffic. 

However, when their growth came to a sudden stop due to Google algorithm change impacts and thin and/or low-quality user-generated content, Curtis gathered up a team of content optimization specialists.

Together, they launched a project meant to optimize the content on Wall Street Oasis’ site and help them regain their growth trajectory. 

Here are four on-page SEO changes they made which resulted in a boost in traffic: 

  1. Increasing the length of the article; 
  2. Adding relevant subtitles (H2s, H3s, and H4s) to help organize the content. (these two changes gave the pages the highest boost in organic traffic);
  3. Changing the title so that it matched more high-volume keywords;
  4. Adding a relevant video to the page (this helped increase time on page and enriched the content around the topic). 

Source: MOZ

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