Finding out the exact position of your site in Google search for everyone other than yourself is a lot harder than people anticipate.

It’s easy to get this wrong because nobody expects the level of data that search engines have about You as a business owner which they use and display you fake info (in a way… you’ll learn more by watching the video below).

Many people search in Google for site: URL to try and find out how they rank. If you do that: then you will get a different Title and Description, than the ones you should have for your page. It’s just how Google works.

Now you know. Remember not to ever do that.

Also, many people check from their browser or by using the incognito mode. In both cases, the search will be personalized, which means that you will see “fake” information. Because what you see is not what your customers see.

You won’t actually know how well you rank on Google if you do this.

So, what’s the right way to do this so that you see accurate information? Watch the video below to learn how to correctly check your position on Google.

[ WATCH] How to Find Your Real Positions on Google

By watching the clip, you’ll learn the answers to key questions you’re probably already asking yourself, questions such as:

How can I check my site’s positions on the Google search engine?
Is it Okay to track my search engine positions myself, by using Incognito mode?

Watch the clip and you’ll finally know the right answer to these questions. Plus, you’ll learn what are the top three variants that you should use if you want to find your true positions on Google search.

Always follow the guidelines in this video, otherwise, you will be using fake data, and will ruin your research.

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