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How to Target a Local Market And Be Awesome At It #ContentMarketing #Blogging Click To TweetYour business might have a local component to it. That’s why we decided to help you out and show you how you can target a local market: like a boss.

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The first thing you’ll want to take care of is the “Keywords” component.

It’s one thing to use a tool that fetches you keywords that people search for on the general, and a whole different animal when you use a tool that seeks keywords only from your home country. Or from the country where you want to open up shop, or ship out products to.

You shouldn’t compete with everybody! On you do, but on local targeted search engines, you have much less competition.

That doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park.

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Here’s what we’ll go over in this article


  1. Getting the right keywords for the right Search Engine
  2. Settings you’ll have to cover for your local market
  3. Preparing the website for Local Marketing and Local Business


So I’ve already told you that you need the right keywords to have better targeting for the people in a certain country.

Know this: people from Spain search for different keywords than people from Argentina, even though they kinda speak the same language.

wordpress seo keyword research

In Squirrly 2015 you now have an option (We just released this one) that helps you find keywords from one of the following countries:

best keyword research tool

keyword research tool

So right now, you can go to your WordPress and start using the keyword research tool to see differences in the results that our tool returns if you look at Spain and if you look at Argentina.

We get the results from the local search engines, which makes the data so much more valuable, and we’re happy to show you all of the languages and search engines that we were able to extract data from.

This is a powerful asset for you if:

a) you want to expand your business / marketing to other countries.

b) you want people from YOUR country to find you.


Now, regarding the setting you’ll have to make for your website and for Google Webmaster Tool:

Here’s a great article straight from Google

And about number (3), the part where you need to prepare your website for Local Business, there’s a great article on SEMrush.

Read it here.

Have a great time learning about this. Let me know how useful you find all of this.

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  1. This. This is awesome.

    I actually had no idea that your tool can be used for other countries. It was lame that this was not available, as I really needed this.

    Good job on doing this!

  2. Not bad!

    I’ll have to see this for myself. I have a fitness blog that I wanted to use for selling products to a few countries. This will come in handy

  3. This tool keeps getting better and better. i see that you’re pushing the 2015 version a lot.

    thx for the email. Sometimes they seem spammy, but sometimes I happy that I can learn of all the great new stuff you’re creating for us

    • Hey,

      New Zealand is included in Squirrly SEO. Please check it in your dashboard at Squirrly > Settings > Rank Option


  4. Most SEO tools will NOT show you the difference between what people search for in the United Kingdom versus what people search for in the United States. The same is true for something like Argentina vs. Spain.

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