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Introducing Education Cloud

We launched the first version of Squirrly back in 2012.

Since then, we released five courses, each containing an average of 7 lessons. 139,000 people became better marketers after learning how to do SEO using one of our training programs and approximately 50,000 people have completed them.

We only provide top, relevant training for Squirrly SEO users. That’s because we believe that the more you learn, the more you earn.

There’s also a paid course that we have on Udemy, which has over 2,500 students enrolled.

We’re Happy to Introduce You to Squirrly’s Education Cloud

Practical Things You Can Learn by Joining the Education Cloud:

Our mission with Squirrly SEO is to turn non-SEO experts into SEO superstars. And a big part of that happens through constant learning.

To help you keep moving forward on your path to SEO greatness, we’ve analyzed all our courses and the lessons we’ve taught so far. One of the conclusions we’ve reached is that if you are to get amazing results, you need to develop an SEO content tree.

Do you remember the SEO content tree from Lesson 4?

Here’s a reminder:

While the Squirrly SEO tool helps you on so many levels, in order to develop a great content marketing strategy, you need to keep learning.

That’s where the Education Cloud comes into play.

We’ll keep adding new training programs to it so that you can keep renewing your strategy and manage to up your site’s audit score.

In Lesson 9, we wanted to show you a great way to get new lessons, because what you’ve learned until now sets you on a path to business growth.

However, there is more to learn. Remember that in order to improve your rankings you need to get social signals coming to your site, and you also need quality backlinks.

Education Cloud will help you understand what you need to do with your blog posts and pages after you’ve published something new on your website.

Imagine What It Would Be Like If Nobody Linked Back to Your WordPress Site

Without backlinks, your SEO content tree would be just one tree on a lonely field.

It could even be a magnificent tree in a great looking field, with beautiful mountains in the back.

However, it would not matter.

If squirrels (yes, well, we’re Squirrly like that) were your customers, they’d try to jump from tree to tree and find as many attractive opportunities as possible. This is what your success would rely on.

Every lesson until now has been about helping you build an amazing SEO content tree.

What you must do now is make sure that many other content trees will surround the content you create. This will enable squirrels to reach your tree while they’re “browsing” all the trees. They could finally get to jump from tree to tree and reach yours. They would end up seeing what you have to offer.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to find you.

This is the reason why Google needs to see backlinks (either from other sites or social media). If it sees backlinks, it knows that your content tree is in a place like this:

Each of these content trees is surrounded by other content trees and squirrels could easily go from one to the other.

This is the type of environment in which Google would like to see your content tree to consider your WordPress site more valuable and rank it higher.

Education Cloud will help you with both setting up your content tree and surrounding it with others.

Without any coding knowledge, you can achieve this. Without being an SEO expert, you can become an SEO superstar.

When your potential customers have easy ways of landing on your site, that’s the moment when you will win.

Keep the tree growing and your Education Cloud close.

People are searching for companies in your industry. Be the one who shows up (in search engine results).

You’ve Made it to the Finish Line

It’s good seeing you here.

This coaching session has come to an end, and I hope you now feel more confident when it comes to your SEO knowledge and your ability to apply what you’ve learned using Squirrly SEO.

It was great having you onboard. And to reward you for taking the time to stick with the lessons, I’ll send you an exclusive offer by email over the next few days. Keep an eye out for that in your Inbox; it’s the kind of offer you don’t want to miss out on.   

Your Goals Moving Forward

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