It’s no secret that Google’s top concern is to make sure users find the best answers for their search queries. And by best answers, we mean answers which are:

  • Relevant
  • Accurate
  • Up-to-date
  • Engaging


With structured data, you can help Google find the right information about you and your organization. Google is supporting the use of structured data and JSON-LD generator – which is why it’s included it in their ranking algorithm.

When information on your site is structured, search engines like Google can easily organize and display it in ways that will appeal to users.

It’s a win-win type of situation.

You help Google see the right info, Google helps you by displaying details about you or your organization in search results in a beautiful way that makes it easy for users to learn more about you.

json ld generator

The image above shows how your site could look like once you make the JSON-LD settings inside Squirrly (no coding skills needed). 

Include Your Site’s Name, Logo, and Social Links

With the Squirrly SEO Plugin for WordPress, it’s incredibly simple to make the required settings to activate Squirrly’s JSON-LD generator for your site.

Also, you can easily customize and provide essential details about you or your organization so that they show up for users in Search results. 

  • Name: Specify the preferred name you want Google to display in Organic Search results.

  • Logo: Set up the image you want Google to use in association with you or your organization in Organic Search results.

  • Social Media Profiles. Use this markup to indicate which are the social media accounts associated with you or your organization that you want Google to display in Organic Search results.

Note!! Squirrly will automatically add the requested JSON-LD meta to your home page, as well as your articles and Author Pages.

Now You Know How A JSON-LD Generator Benefits Your Site

Major search engines like Google reward websites that cater to their human audience.

Using structured data, you can make sure the correct information about you or your organization reaches users and enhances your site’s presence online.

Increase brand awareness.

Enhance brand recognition.

Promote your social media accounts and possibly get more followers.

Also, you get on Google’s good side, which is always in your site’s favor.  Put JSON-LD generator to use using Squirrly SEO Plugin for WordPress and build a stronger website.

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