It wouldn’t be the Biggest Community Event if it wouldn’t be the biggest…

The Night is still young, and if you follow our official Twitter, you will see that we keep dropping many new prizes still.

Currently: you have 7 prizes you can claim right now if you look at ALL the comments in the comments section on our Product Hunt Page here.

Today: we gave many prizes already on the Product Hunt page and on the Live Chat from our Official Youtube Stream!

5 PRO Subscriptions for Squirrly SEO were given as gifts to our community.

But the night is still young and there still are many prizes to win, by supporting us on PH, commenting, and checking out the prize drops and the instructions.

It’s 10:13 PM, London Time, and we are still active here on PH.

However, if you don’t comment, there won’t be enough room to drop more prizes.

32 (Yes: Thirty-two) Prizes were already claimed. Join in now to claim yours.

PRO for Squirrly SEO, One Team Plan for Squirrly Social, Business Plan for ContentLook, Lifetime Plan for Starbox PRO and more await you.

See more of what you can win below (find the prize drop inside the comments section. Click the link. Then tweet me what it says. The first one to tweet gets the prize. Super simple)

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