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One Page. Multiple Keywords to Rank it For.

Do you have a Free Squirrly Account? This is a feature you can even use on the free plan.

Other plugins make you pay serious money just for this one feature. In case your Squirrly was de-activated on WordPress, it’s time to update and re-activate.

In the past, we’ve been super reluctant to offer such a feature, because there is a great danger that people will not use it properly and could potentially ruin their SEO. Especially if other writers did the content creation part for our clients, things could get ugly in terms of useless keywords placed in articles.

The time for this fear has passed. If you start using Briefcase as I mentioned in the previous article, you will most probably have a great time optimizing any page on your site for multiple keywords.

That’s why I can finally say it makes sense for you to perform this kind of advanced optimization.

Secret Method

When I had the GameDealsOnSteam website long ago, I was selling PC games, like: Need for Speed, Counter Strike and other great titles. Now, there’s an important question you need to ask right now: “How on Earth did you get those ranked, Florin?”

Back then, in 2014, the Squirrly Keyword research tool wasn’t as advanced as it is today, so there was a lot more manual labor involved. Today, the research you do with our tool is enough to give you the best opportunities. You don’t need to use it together with other tools or techniques.

Anyway, from all my studies I’ve seen that these Triple A games, even though they were the most popular in the world (even non-gamers knew about them) there were great ways to get my website ranked for them.

I’ve created a formula that went something like:

[Buy] [Game Name] [Steam Game] [Cheap]

Stuff I got out of this:

Buy Cheap Steam Game: Counter Strike GO
Buy Counter Strike Cheap on Steam
Counter Strike Steam Game for Cheap

and a few other variations.

Yes, long tail. Niche-oriented. Clear target.

Our prices were better than what you could find on the Steam marketplace, even though they were made on Steam.

All I had to do was make sure that my titles and descriptions were unique, good, contained images having filenames with these long-tail keywords, and that these pieces of text were mentioned in the description.

Of course, writing content this way is a bit harder and takes more skill, but hey! I ranked my website for “buy counter strike” and “counter strike steam”

Now, imagine how many other pages I’ve ranked for those other games which aren’t so popular. It was a breeze to rank the others.

So you see? The key was to use smart keywords, in many forms, inside my product descriptions.

Which is something that many ecommerce sites omit. And it’s also why it’s so easy to beat competitors by using this strategy.

“Is Florin the only one using this strategy and having success with it?”

Nope. Amazon are having a blast with optimizing each product page for multiple keywords.

I don’t usually quote other studies, but the advanced methods presented in this guide are actually worth the read. (however, it’s not exactly for beginners, but you can see why Amazon won big on this).

Help Search Bots and Human Readers Understand Context

In my case, with optimizing the site, it all made sense because I helped the Google Search Engine better understand what each item in store was all about.

And that’s exactly what you need to do inside your pages to provide context.

There’s the upcoming Movie from Marvel: Black Panther.

There are many great keywords related to this movie which you can find. One of them is Black Panther Party, which is super searched for, but trust me! It has nothing to do with Marvel’s beloved character.

Therefore, if you make your own page about Black Panther and want to discuss stuff about the comics and movie, make sure you don’t use “black panther party”, but use stuff like “marvel, avangers, black panther costume, infinity wars”, etc. in that page.

This will help you provide clarity to Google AND ALSO to your readers! By mentioning great contextual details, you’re also making people who landed on your page believe that you’re actually in the know when it comes to this character.

It’s a great way to rank higher.

Now, I don’t want to get lost in story time forever.

Here’s how you use your brand new briefcase to optimize one page for multiple keywords.

Please use with care. Please use it smart.

All of this section will be made with screenshots, so you can see exactly what I click and where.

You’ll be able to easily use this tool yourself after you look at the screens.

It works the same from my.squirrly.co and from your WordPress dashboard.

Click to select a keyword from your briefcase.

Start by typing parts of your keywords in the search zone of the briefcase panel

Go and hover the desired keyword. Click Use Keyword.

Awesome. You’ve selected it. 0% optimization so far.

Let’s add more keywords for this page.

Now hover and click on one of them to pick as your main or current.

You’ll see it displayed in the SEO Live Assistant panel.

Now close the Briefcase panel using the briefcase button.

Good. Let’s write a title. See how we go to 38%.

Let’s write something in the body of the article. Look at the secondary keywords.

Let’s get an image in with Squirrly SEO.

Yup, almost green.

How optimized is everything? It’s super easy to check. And it’s in real-time, which is mind-blowing.

Cool, now let’s see what ideas the SEO Live Assistant has for the other keyword. Choose a secondary now.

Yup, looking at a secondary now.

You can easily see the details. You can figure out what’s missing and up that optimization score for your secondary keywords of the page.

That’s how you can now optimize for multiple keywords on the same page. Fully integrated with Briefcase.

Squirrly SEO 2018: Briefcase.

Keep Ranking!

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