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Q&A: Does GSC tie into any of the information provided by Squirrly SEO?

Recently, Marv Dorner from the BeBizzy Break Podcast invited Florin Muresan, Squirrly’s CEO, for a conversation about Squirrly SEO and Search Engine Optimization in general.  

Coming from a WordPress developer’s side, Marv had a distinctive approach to learning more about Squirrly SEO, which translated into some very interesting questions.

His questions are probably some of your questions as well, which is why we decided to share segments of that conversation here on the Squirrly blog. Check it out.

Marv: You mentioned Auditing. Do you guys do anything with Google Search Console? Does that tie into any of the information?

Florin: We only show stuff about impressions and clicks, and we hope that people get the keywords that are already found in Search Console. We show that so that they can add it to their Briefcase. 

Briefcase is basically a collection of all the keywords that you are trying to use across your website. 

Marv: Sure, and then you just use that to kind of say you do rank, or you don’t rank, here’s where you rank for that particular keywords

Florin: Yeas, in most Plans, yes.

So, for the FREE plan and the PRO plan, we use just the ranking data from Google Search Console, and on the Business plan, we have data coming from our own servers on which we do our own crawling so that we can show it in real-time. 

Cause you know that in Google Search Console, everything is a bit old. 


This is a transcript of a section of an extended conversation between Marv and Florin.  (answer featured in this article starts at 12:13). 

For the full interview, check out Marv’s podcast here.

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Squirrly SEO features mentioned during this segment of the conversation: 

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