Recently, Marv Dorner from the BeBizzy Break Podcast invited Florin Muresan, Squirrly’s CEO, for a conversation about Squirrly SEO and Search Engine Optimization in general.  

Coming from a WordPress developer’s side, Marv had a distinctive approach to learning more about Squirrly SEO, which translated into some very interesting questions.

His questions are probably some of your questions as well, which is why we decided to share segments of that conversation here on the Squirrly blog. Check it out. 

Marv: SEO is a lot more complicated than it used to be, but having tools like Squirrly SEO really helps out. 

Florin: For us here at Squirrly, it was a huge benefit that Google became more complicated because our tool is best-suited to give a lot of details about sites. In the past, you didn’t really need all these details, because there weren’t many ranking factors. 

As you said, you could just stuff in keywords and nobody needed tools for optimizing content, for verifying it, for auditing your content/your pages, or the technical aspects of SEO, like the traffic data.

We even audit Traffic data, and nobody cared about that in the past. 

But right now, because there are so many ranking factors, you need a tool that is much more complex. 


This is a transcript of a section of an extended conversation between Marv and Florin.  (answer featured in this article starts at 11:17). 

For the full interview, check out Marv’s podcast here.

If you’re interested in Marv’s thoughts on Squirrly SEO after this interview, make sure to read this article here

Squirrly SEO features talked about during this segment of the interview: 

Click on the link above to learn more about the feature. 

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