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Q&A: What are some of the things that make Squirrly SEO better or different than Yoast?

Recently, Marv Dorner from the BeBizzy Break Podcast invited Florin Muresan, Squirrly’s CEO, for a conversation about Squirrly SEO and Search Engine Optimization in general.  

Coming from a WordPress developer’s side, Marv had a distinctive approach to learning more about Squirrly SEO, which translated into some very interesting questions.

His questions are probably some of your questions as well, which is why we decided to share segments of that conversation here on the Squirrly blog. Check it out.

Marv: What are some of the things that make Squirrly SEO better or different than Yoast?

Florin: In Yoast, you can’t build your keyword portfolio, you can’t manage anything around your keywords, you can’t check your rankings, you can’t audit your website, you can’t find better keywords or spot new opportunities for where to place content. 

You also don’t know the Trends of different searches; you don’t know how many people search for that kind of topic in any given month. Yoast is good for technical SEO, but it’s not really great for actually ranking pages. 

As far as Focus Pages, which is the latest feature (from Squirrly SEO), is concerned, there is no one out there giving this sort of thing.

Focus Pages looks at ALL of the ranking factors and tells you, for example, if you don’t have enough words. Then, as a user, you go and write more words on the page. 

But then (Focus Pages) also tells you: Okay, you’ve written more words, but now your engagement went down because the text is boring and people don’t spend time on the page anymore because it’s filled with a bunch of nonsense. So, we look at a lot of things. 

We even call it Traffic Health. Okay, you’ve managed to bring traffic to this page, but did they bounce off, did they spend time on that page, did they click on any other pages in your website; what did they do once they reached your piece of content – cause this is a very important ranking factor. 

I even see pages managing to get to the first page of Google and then after a while, their rankings drop because the Traffic Health is very bad.

So, the people who found them on Search Engine, they click, and then they get out (from that page) because the content wasn’t relevant. 

So, the Focus Pages feature audits pretty much everything, including if you have your SEO settings turned on for this particular post type.

Cause in some cases, you will find out that you still have pages on your website where the settings from Yoast or Rank Math or SEO Framework, or even Squirrly SEO are not turned on. 

Focus Pages can make sure that you actually have everything that you need on the page so that you increase the chances of Ranking that page. 


This is a transcript of a section of an extended conversation between Marv and Florin.  (answer featured in this article starts at 13:17). 

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