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SEO Elements: SEO Context and Why It’s Vital For Any Focus Page

Help Google Understand What Your Page is Really About

During WordCamp London, we found out that people don’t know how to build the right context for Google.

You may have heard a lot of people saying that Google doesn’t care about keywords anymore, which is, of course, a very misguided thing to say. It’s rather foolish to say that, and you can see the reasoning here.

If you’d be in the presence of great Speakers and Trainers like David Trayford, you’d know that keywords help great public speakers create stunning speeches. Special words that need to be found in text or speech aren’t a Google thing, nor an SEO thing. They’re how we humans understand messages.

Now, if you really want to build semantic context so that Google can clearly understand what the page is about, I’m writing today’s SEO Elements post.

There can be no search without words. Otherwise, what on Earth would we be searching? It’s ridiculous. Everything is based on words, and now you’ll see how to place the proper words inside your pages. This is especially vital for focus pages. You must make sure that you use words which will make Google understand that your page is about Apple Computers, if you’re writing about one of their products, and not about Apple, the fruit.

That was the apple example.

There’s also a Black Panther example. Some of you may be thinking about the Marvel comics… or the Marvel movies… or Storm’s husband… or the Black Panther Party, which is not a confetti type party, it’s a political party.

See… once I’ve given you more keywords about the potential topics, you’ve started seeing how the discussion can lead to VERY DIFFERENT directions.

Well, that’s what Google needs too, if you want to make it understand what the page is all about.

What you need to know is that if you are writing about a “black panther party” which is related to the Black Panther Movie, then you’d be competing against the Black Panther Party, which is a political party…


Unless you write on your page a couple of contextual SEO data (how I call it). Meaning: words like “movie”, “marvel comics”, “Marvel movie”, “t’chala”, “superhero costume” and other words which would make Google CLEARLY understand that you’re not writing about the political party, but about the movie.

Or something related to the movie.

Semantic search is all about understanding the “Meaning” of topics.

And the best way to help Google match the right topic to your article is to provide it with clear contextual words.

That way, Google will be able to always get a clear idea of what you’re writing about, and human readers will also easily identify that they’ve ended up in the right place, not on an activist website.

This is real Search Engine Optimization. You can make your texts better by providing contextual SEO data.

It’s super easy to do with Briefcase Labels.

Here you can see screens and explanations to walk you through the process of doing all this with ease, inside Squirrly SEO.

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