There’s one thing that most successful SEOs and marketers have in common.

Do you know what it is?

It’s an infinite willingness to learn (from industry experts, from articles, from their own experience and from the experience of others).

It’s that thirst for knowledge that makes it possible to refine your strategies and constantly find new opportunities to improve and reach higher goals.

This success story is an awesome opportunity for you to learn.

First, some context.

The team from (a Business Directory WordPress site for Romanians living in the UK) created an entire series in which they showed their process for achieving higher Google rankings.

It’s the kind of stuff that most marketing teams would never make public.

In the 5-part series which they appropriately named the Rank Show, they went into great detail documenting their progress using Squirrly’s Focus Pages system.

From struggling to gain traction for their new site to reaching the 1st Page of Google Search (over and over again, after they got the hang of working with the Focus Pages System).

Throughout the series, they did a great job documenting their progress with screenshots. We’ll check out some of those right now.

Let’s Look at Their Results First:

  • The team managed to rank on the top of Google Search for the 1st time ever using the Focus Pages method. Plus, they then doubled the number of keywords for which their site ranked on the 1st Page of Google by continuing to follow the instructions provided by the system.
  • As you can see from the screenshot below, the improvement in Rankings translated to increased traffic to their site (keep in mind that this was a new site which had almost no traffic before, so these numbers are pretty great).

These Results are Impressive. So, What’s Their Secret?

In this article, you’ll get to discover the journey that led the team from to reaching such impressive results.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, though, let me give you a quick rundown of some of the challenges they faced (maybe some of these sound familiar).

1) They are a small marketing team and had other things to do day-to-day besides SEO.

2) They were just getting started with SEO, so they had no expert knowledge.

3) They weren’t used to working on SEO in an organized way. So, they couldn’t manage to get the needle to move in the right direction.

4) They had a new site, with NO Authority and very little traffic. (new sites don’t have as much clout with Search Engines as older, established site. As a result, it’s much harder to rank content published on a new site than it is to rank content published on established sites that Google trusts).

Considering all the things mentioned above, it may not surprise you that they struggled to get search engine traffic.

For well over 6 months. They kept pushing content and making changes to the site, but nothing ever worked.

However, that all changed when they decided to give Squirrly SEO a try and started following the guidance provided by the Focus Pages system.

Using Squirrly, they managed to overcome all the challenges that stood in their way to top search engine Rankings.

The journey is the one that offers the most learning opportunities for all of you reading this, so that’s what we will be focusing on in this article.

You’ll see how they used the Focus Pages system to learn how to navigate SEO and how they followed the instructions provided by the system to fix tasks that impacted their chances of ranking.

You’ll also get a look at their biggest setbacks and their frustration as they were starting to figure things out.

Finally, you’ll see how they became extremely successful once they understood HOW to focus on the right SEO elements that make a difference in search engine rankings.

Each episode marks a milestone on their path to success.

Let’s get started.

Episode 1: Getting the Hang of Working with Ranking Drawbacks

Once they installed Squirrly SEO on their site, the team from started using the Focus Pages system.

As soon as they added a page to the Focus Pages section, the system immediately began analyzing that page to reveal the exact issues that need to be fixed in order to move that page up in Rankings.

The team decided it would be best to start working on those Ranking Drawbacks that seemed like easy fixes.

This helped them gain maximum speed for their SEO efforts.

And after months of getting no results with their SEO efforts, one of the articles published on their site ranked on the 1st Page of Google. That’s the power of FOCUS PAGES.

  • Episode Highlight (this is a quote from Andreea, the marketer who led the team from Servicii.App) 

Trust me, I was almost going to give up because it seemed so much time to spend to turn just a single red circle green. But seeing the results, my first-page ranking, filled me with confidence, power, and energy to write those 3 blog posts for inner links.

My advice to you is: choose one Focus Page, analyze all your Ranking Drawbacks, and prioritize them so you can turn them from red to green.

Read the full episode: Choose one Ranking Drawback at a Time

Episode 2: The One that Shows Why You Should Never Stop Working

Episode 2 from this series tackles a topic that not a lot of people think about when it comes to being successful with SEO.

You’ve probably never thought it can influence your results as much as it does either.

What am I talking about?

It’s your mindset.

Look, rankings will drop from time to time.

How you respond to these changes will impact how successful you will be with SEO in the long run. If you stop working whenever you encounter a setback, ranking on top of Google Search will be a one-time thing. A fluke. An exception.

However, if you keep working, if you use rankings as a way to understand what works and what doesn’t and make changes accordingly, then ranking on the 1st page of Google will become the norm.

Something you can explain.

A constant.

The team from learned this lesson early on. And despite noticing a drop in their Rankings, they didn’t get lost in such trivial things and kept pushing forward.

Spoiler: by Episode 5, they end up doing so well with search engine rankings that it will feel weird to think this happened to them.

However, it’s important to acknowledge their struggle, because things like this can happen to you as well.

  • Episode Highlight: 

I learned something important today: achieving Search Engine success takes continuous work.

If you want to keep your place on the 1st page in Google, you should never stop working on your most important pages. Take your ranking success for granted, and someone else will take your place. Just like that.

Read the full episode: Why You Should Never Stop Working

Episode 3: Change is Essential

A big part of being successful with SEO is being able to adapt, change things as you go along to maximize your results.

If a current course of action is not right for you, change paths.


If you see something is not working, take a different approach.


When working with Focus Pages, you should be willing to change things up, and that will lead you to much better results. For example, sometimes, Squirrly will make you change your main keyword, or indicate switching one of your Focus Pages with another.

The purpose is always the same: to help you get more Search Traffic.

This happened to the team from In episode 3, they decided it was time to focus on some of their other pages, which were starting to grow better than their main page (which they first added as a Focus Page).

  • Episode Highlight

The Focus Pages feature is like a Parent that tries to teach his child the best, but the child can either listen to the parent or choose to ignore their advice and do things their way – only to eventually realize that the parent was right all along.

Read the full episode: Change your Focus Page

Episode 4: Success! Implemented Changes Pay Off – BIG Time

After the BIG switch they made back in Episode 3, the team from reached even more success than they could have ever pictured on Day 1 of using the Focus Pages system.

This shows that, more often than not, making changes, refining your approach and looking at what the data tells you is the winning approach.

  • Episode Highlight

So, I changed my page. If this page moved up in rankings without my help, I was curious to see what would happen if I actually started working on it using Focus Pages. And you will not believe what happened. My new page ranked on the 1st page in Google for FOUR different keywords and on the second page in Google for 2 other keywords.

Read the full episode: Success with Focus Pages

Episode 5: Reaching the 1st Page of Google with Even More Keywords

Episode 5 is all about reaching even more success with Focus Pages. After their big success in episode 4, the team from continued to work on their SEO using the guidance provided by Squirrly.

They mostly focused on internal link building, promoting their Focus Pages on social media and acquiring their first backlinks. Squirrly kept pointing them to the fact that they needed to focus on these aspects to achieve even better results.

Turns out, the system was right.

  • Episode Highlight

My focus page ranks on the first page of Google for 7 keywords! Yes! SEVEN keywords! Yuhuuuu!

Read the full episode: On the First Page of Google 

What You Should Take Away from This Success Story

What the team from managed to show is that the Focus Pages method works.

It works, even if you are a beginner. It works whether you have an established site or a new one.

It works whether you have an English-first site or not.

However, their success story also showed that if you want to consistently rank on the 1st Page of Google using Focus Pages from Squirrly, you should:

  • ?️Follow the instructions provided by the system to focus on the SEO that actually influences your chances to rank higher (as shown in episode 1)
  • ?Keep working even if you’re experiencing a setback (episode 2)
  • ?Be able to make changes and pivot (episode 3)

That is how you reap the real rewards and become insanely competitive with Excellent SEO. (as shown in episodes 4 and 5)

Using Focus Pages is all about making the time spent on SEO be the most efficient it can be.

You saw how these marketers from were very stubborn themselves and were non-believers. However, you’ve also seen how that changed for them, day by day, as they kept fighting off each red element and turning it to green.

Andreea from said it best:

Without using the right tools to give you a boost, it’s very hard to see progress, especially when you are at the beginning of the road and have a brand-new website with basically no authority. My point is; don’t be afraid to invest in the right tools! Don’t be afraid to believe in Focus Pages by Squirrly SEO! The results can be extraordinary.

Now, it’s your turn to reach the 1st Page of Google using Focus Pages.

Get started with Squirrly today to supercharge your Google Rankings.

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