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Spring Performance: Keynotes, Popularity Votes, 2 Products in 2 Days

It’s Q2 at the Squirrly Company and we’ve started it in pole-position.

Ever since April began we couldn’t really catch a break. This post was supposed to be published quite a while ago. Unfortunately, there had been no time for it until now.

Spring Performance is how we refer to all the amazing updates we’re making this Spring season to everything that we offer you. #springperformance

If you’re a member of the ProductHunt community you’ll know that we’ve been super active there in the UpComing area. We have many up and coming products that we’re testing and discussing with those amazing people.

Currently we’re seeing hundreds of subscribers to every new product launch we plan to prepare, which was completely above expectations, since we don’t present those ideas outside the ProductHunt community.

Now, I know that you’re probably here for the Keynote video and the official tutorials on how to use Squirrly SEO 2019, so here they are in one high quality video:

2 Product Launches in 2 Days

A clear and crazy way to start off the SpringPerformance event is to tell you what we’ve done on the 3rd and the 4th of April 2019.

And trust me: it’s almost been 3 products in 3 days. However, it would’ve been quite an impossible stretch.

3rd of April 2019: Squirrly Social – Official Release has been launched on ProductHunt.

It quickly became #3 in the Social Media Tools category. Happy to have taken the podium.

We’ve had about 120 up-votes (which is huge, because most products in the community never get that organically. We didn’t bring people from the outside).

Roughly 100 people have joined our special launch event, made with UpViral. We may publish a blog post about it soon. It was an interesting marketing experiment.

4th of April 2019: Squirrly SEO 2019: Strategy! Official Release.

It was way beyond our expectations. Even though we’ve had very few people joining us live, they were super engaged by the idea of us fixing all problems related to SEO. Problems that we’ve been identifying since 2016. Problems that were beyond the scope of a classic SEO Plugin or SEO Software.

We’re going above and beyond anything you thought you’d see in an SEO Plugin for WordPress. You can read more here.

And after the event (5 PM, London Time, closing time), when we were getting ready to pack things up: hundreds of people made the switch to the new version and we were flooded with requests, thank you notes, questions, etc. Needless to say it kept going long into the night (customers from all continents 😀 #awesomebragging)

It was amazing. One of the best launches we’ve ever done.

Shouldn’t be such a wonder, though: Squirrly SEO 2019: Strategy is indeed ground breaking.

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Squirrly SPY almost came out during that time as well.

Had to delay the official launch for a while longer, due to all the work we’ve had to do with the two new launches.

Spring Performance!

The best news for the Squirrly SPY product was the huge demand, the many requests to have it ready and the many people who already paid for the reports, even though we hadn’t finished the presentation pages, the FAQs, etc.

The product itself is 100% ready… we just had to get the “marketing” aspects ready.

There are quite a few companies already who have purchased their Squirrly SPY reports and were happy to finally understand why their competitors were so ahead in the SEO game.

What else happened during Spring Performance already?

What to expect next from the Squirrly Company?

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