The whole Focus Pages system was built to work in tandem with Google’s algorithms. The search giant determines who should land in the first 10 results of every single search query by using Ranking Factors. What does that mean? It means that Google has big checklists of what every single page inside your site needs to have in order to achieve the first positions in Google search. If you have them, you’ll be listed. If you don’t… then… no chances for you of ever making it to the top. As you can see on our Plugin’s brand new website, there are many new success stories which came as a result of us creating this system and making it available world-wide. At the moment, there is no other SEO platform in the world to tell you what Google looks for or what those big checklists are. The customers you can see in the success stories we present on our website haven’t done magic. They’ve used Focus Pages to identify all the missing parts. They made sure they no longer miss anything important. And by doing so they’ve increased their chances of ranking. Their competition had MANY missing parts, they didn’t satisfy Google’s ranking factors. As a result, our customers (who really worked in tandem with Google’s algorithms through our focus pages section inside the plugin) managed to easily outrank them. For example: here you will see how Drew ditched his $4,000 USD / month consultants. He ended collaboration with them and went his own way (powered by the new Squirrly PRO). In just a few weeks he even outranked his supplier. It’s all here for you to read.
In the animated gif above you can see that there are two routes being drawn on the map. Why is that? – It’s because Google doesn’t treat any two pages from your site the same way. Oh yes. This is something that very few people talk about. For some of your pages the reason you’re not Number 1 in search is the fact that your keyword is horribly chosen For other pages it might be that you bring 1,000 visitors daily to that page, but the visitors leave that page in UNDER 20 seconds. Yes, Google does track time on page and most websites never rank high, because Google sees that people who find that page via search actually hate the page. That’s bad for them as a search engine, so they’ll make sure not to show you to people.

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