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Squirrly Introduces the JourneyTeam Community and the Two Weeks Program Designed to Rank Pages on Google

For years, people have been getting amazing results using Squirrly SEO. Even with the first versions of the product (which were not as sophisticated and easy to use as what you find today).

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What makes the difference between those who had success and those who didn’t was all related to skills and abilities. Both groups used the same tools for SEO. The tools offered under the Squirrly SEO software package (which connects a WP plugin with our cloud-based systems).

So the difference was skills and abilities. This moves way beyond something you could simply achieve with theory. SEO, as you’ll see, is very hands-on. It’s all about experimenting and re-iterating on ideas, until you reach success.

That’s why with Squirrly SEO 2019 we’ve started a special 14 Days Journey to Better Ranking to help everyone who joins our JourneyTeam to reach search engine success.

It’s a special experience for users of Squirrly SEO, that includes many factors which have made the first group become super successful with Squirrly SEO. We want to make all the knowledge, all those skills accessible to all the people who will commit to this 14 Days Journey. And build this special experience in such way that anyone who joins the 14 Days Journey will walk away with practical knowledge.

It is my great honor today to show you more about the Journey itself, the JourneyTeam and the way we Sponsor (the way we invest in) our new members.

Once you install Squirrly SEO on your WordPress site, you get all the SEO requirements your sites needs to be successful and become ultra-competitive.

All you need after installing it is to start driving One of your most valuable pages to Better Rankings.

To drive it in the right direction, you have the chance to join (for Free) the 14 Days Journey to Better Rankings.

You’ll get:
– the chance to fix in 14 days mistakes from years of ineffective SEO.
– the skills you need to succeed in 14 days
– access to the private JourneyTeam community where you can share your experience and talk about it (good and bad, all is accepted)
– receive help from the JourneyTeam and Private Feedback on your journey from Squirrly.
– an exact recipe to follow for 14 Days to bring one of your pages up in rankings, for a hands-on experience.
– all the costs (to third parties) involved with APIs, technology, cloud computing, etc. are fully sponsored by Squirrly. We sponsor every new member who wishes to become part of the winning JourneyTeam.

In this post you will learn more about the elements that make up the Journey.

14 Days to fix SEO Problems from years of Bad SEO. You’ll get the method, the framework, the strategy you need to achieve top 10 rankings over and over again.

Maybe you won’t get it right exactly the first time you try a 14 Days Journey, but that’s why on Day 14 we ask you to give us feedback, so that we can tell you what improvements to make during your next journey.

You’ve got the technology, you’ve got assistants, you’ve got a whole team of people who tried these journeys themselves and you get the team leaders behind you. All you need to do is drive to best of your ability. Ability which will keep improving by following the recipe.

We invest in anyone who’s willing to make the commitment to start the 14 Days Journey.

We sponsor during the journey, and even AFTER the journey.

By joining this you’re making us believe in you, because determination is one of the most important feats of character when attempting SEO.

You have the determination to make something good happen for your WordPress site.

We give you the equipment, the recipe, assistants, a team and we sponsor you. Let’s talk about these in detail:


You’ve got the perfect setup for WordPress SEO.

With Squirrly SEO you’ve just upgraded it to an ultra-competitive level. It’s equipped with everything you need to drive it to Top 10 rankings.

+ All the SEO Requirements
+ We started processing data to provide you with personalized guidance for improving rankings. (you’ll receive it in the following days)
+ Powerful SEO capabilities (already available for you to test-drive)


A clear recipe to follow.

It will ensure the success of your 14 Days Journey.


Assisted Keyword Research, Assisted Content Optimization (in real-time, as you’re typing the text on your pages), Live Bulk SEO Settings Assistant (telling you in real time if your snippets are what they should be), Assisted Blogging, Assisted Setup.

If you’ve ever tried the “assisted parking” features on any modern car, you’ll love these assistants even more.


The JourneyTeam: a Facebook community where you can share your commitment, get encouragement, learn from those who completed the 14 Days Journey with success.

Be a part of this community of winning WordPress site owners.

They come from all walks of life: wedding photographers, construction company owners, beacon technology tech startup geniuses, travel agencies, authors, bloggers, personal brands, connected cars experts, anything you can imagine. What do they have in common?

Share Feedback With Us

After 14 Days, tell us how the Journey was for you, where you feel it helped, where you were confused.

Share the good and the bad. Don’t be afraid to tell us if something didn’t go as planned.

If you took the commitment and really tried your best for 14 Days, we want to help you. Because after these 14 Days you will know so much about SEO, that with a few more ideas from us you will be able to rank pages on Google.

We expect a lot of people to write to us, especially after the release, but know that we will get back to you.

That’s why the best place to write to us is via Message on our Facebook Page.

Email inboxes are sometimes over-crowded and messages can get lost. But we’ve had much success with the Facebook Messages platform, so that’s where we know we can follow up and offer our help.

We’ll tell you what you can change and what you can do better next time.


We directly pay, at no cost to you, to have you take the Journey.

There are many costs associated with everything that we prepare in the recipe.

Some are very expensive services, because we need to provide you with the best SEO data as quickly as possible, so you can make the most of your Journey.

Reward Your Success

If you take the 14 Days Journey, you are successful with it AND you are brave enough to share your success with the JourneyTeam, then we will reward you with 3 Months of PRO.

If you make this commitment to yourself, you’ll make us want to join you and support you on your quest.

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