As we let you know in a previous article, October comes with exciting news for us Squirrlyans – as well as for all those looking for a new social media management solution that covers all their needs.

A while back, we asked people in our community about what were the things they most struggle with when it comes to social media management. The response we got was tremendous.

Squirrly social

The answers showed that despite the social media tools and software that are already available on the market, there are still many aspects that people would like to change and improve when it comes to how they post to social media.

The responses served as a great confirmation that Squirrly Social is a much-needed social media management solution. We think it’s a game changer, and we’re extremely happy that it’s going to help so many busy marketers, business owners, and social media professionals looking for a better way to manage their accounts.

You should know Squirrly Social has been released in BETA, so people have already had the chance to put it to the test. There are over 100 business owners and marketers who purchased a subscription in early pre-release.

That said, Squirrly Social is soon to be officially launched, making it the newest addition to the Squirrly Software Universe!

Given that it’s a special occasion, we wanted to properly introduce you to Squirrly Social, and share more details about all the amazing ways it can help you enhance your social media presence and grow your audience.

This is the change you’ve been waiting for.

Get Ready to Live Your Best Life as a Social Media Marketer

Remember when social media was exciting? When it actually felt meaningful – not just mandatory?

Nowadays, social media management seems a lot different, right? Somehow, it’s hectic yet dull at the same time.

It feels like you’re always stuck doing laundry in the basement and never getting a chance to mingle with the cool people at the rooftop party.

It’s like you never have time for the Social part of Social media anymore – it’s just endless clicking and tedious tasks you have to do day in, day out to keep a sort-of active presence across all your accounts. And with the number of social media networks continually expanding, it can get pretty crazy, pretty fast.

Squirrly Social was built to help you break that pattern by simply automating the tasks that eat up your time.

Whether you manage social media accounts for a single brand, 10, or 30, you can be successful without constant ‘hands-on’ work being required.

Squirrly Social significantly cuts your workload while helping you reach a bigger audience and boost traffic. 

In other words, it helps you do your social media “laundry” a lot faster by giving you the BEST tools to speed up content curation, posts planning, scheduling, and posting for multiple accounts from a single dashboard.


⇒ No more wasting time combing through curated posts struggling to find the right content to keep your audience engaged. You’ll have your very own Social Media Assistant working to discover fresh, relevant and interesting curated posts.  How much time saved are we talking here? Well, how does 2 weeks’ worth of posts with hashtags and emojis in just 3 minutes sound like? It’s not just empty talk; it’s been tested and proven. It works.


Stay Active Minus the Hassle. You’ll be able to create a post and instantly share it on all your profiles. Or schedule it for later and see it in your Calendar.  Also works the other way around: you can add a new Post right from your Calendar.

⇒ Automatically Adds the Best Hashtags to Posts for Maximum Exposure on Social Media (AI-based feature). This way, you can get to avoid the time drain of researching the best hashtags and adding them manually to each post.

Automatically Adds emojis to Posts. If you’re not using emojis to add visual interest and make your posts a lot more fun, you’re missing out on a whole lot of engagement. Emojis have become a natural part of the digital conversation. So if you want to truly speak the language of your customers, use emojis in most of your posts. Worried it might be too much of a bother? It doesn’t have to be. With one click, Squirrly Social adds relevant emojis to your posts, and it will be just like you were the one who did it. Go you!

Build up and Organize a Unified Social Media Calendar on Ninja Mode. With Post Planer, you can create, edit, schedule and publish all your social media posts with ease so that there’s always something going on across your profiles.

You Can Schedule Your Posts Based on Categories. For instance, you can create an Evergreen Category with posts that you know will be relevant to your audience even a few months from now. You can then easily schedule those posts for days when you have nothing to share- for as long as you need it – and make your Evergreen content work harder than ever before!

This Is Social Media Management that Feels Grown Up

If you only have a couple of minutes to get to know Squirrly Social, read this:

  • Social Media Assistant for Content Discovery
  • Keyword-based filter for advanced content curation to ensure you never run out of interesting things to share on your accounts
  • Pre-Plan your Social Media Calendar with ease

  • Schedule your posts based on Categories with Post Planner. Simple and Advanced Timings setups are available
  • Visual Calendar where You Can See All Posts in Your Queue
  • Automated Social Media Scheduling. Keep posts in rotation at selected times to fill in the gaps in your social media calendar
  • Boost Website and Blog Traffic through Evergreen Publishing
  • Connects with your favorite networks – Facebook Page, Facebook Group (via Buffer), Twitter Profile, Pinterest (via Buffer) LinkedIn Person, LinkedIn Page, Instagram (via Buffer)

A Few Extra Cool Features to Make Your Social Media Life More Convenient

  • Link shortening
  • No limit to how many posts you can schedule
  • Repeat publications
  • Stores all the media your brand has uploaded in a dedicated Library

Awesome for Teams and Multiple Brand Management

  • Team collaboration features that play perfectly into team workflows

  • A single place to create and Approve posts. Publish the right posts, every time.
  • Brand Customization options (Name and Logo)

Plans that Match Your Needs

  1. One TEAM: For 1 Brand or Team
  2. PRO: For 7 Brands or Teams
  3. Agency: For 30 Brands or Teams

See details about pricing here.

Two Guarantees that Turn You into One Happy Customer

  1. The Squirrly Guarantee for Excellent Customer Service for all plans. Don’t worry; we got you. 🙂
  2. 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans. You have 30 Days to change your mind. Yep, that’s how much we believe in the value Squirrly Social can provide.

Gain Back the Time to Focus on the Things that Only You Can Do

Look, so far, there’s no social media software who can fully perceive irony, make a witty comment, appreciate the value of a cat meme, or spot opportunities to engage in meaningful interactions online.

So, your time is better spent doing the things that no tool can do.

The things that require empathy, a sense of humor maybe, and clever comebacks that showcase the humanity and the charisma behind your brand.

With Squirrly Social, you can supercharge growing your accounts and be a part of the online conversations that matter. Remove the time-wastey parts from your workflow, and gain back the time you need to focus on building meaningful relationships and connecting with customers. Or watch cat videos (hey, that’s always on the table).

Be a Part of the Official Launch Event and Get Exclusive Details

The launch event is completely FREE,  but it’s for those who register-only, so make sure to reserve a seat as soon as possible. We can’t wait to chat and share a few surprises as well.

Register HERE.

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