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The Rank Show: Episode 1 – Choose One Ranking Drawback At A Time

There’s a series of written episodes where you can see how marketers from a Business Directory WordPress site used the power of FOCUS to reach Page 1 of Google. Over and over again, after they cracked the case.

Episode 1: Choose One Ranking Drawback At A Time

The first Episode you can read (it’s written text, with screenshots) will show you how they Focused on SEO problems from their site and their pages. How they chose the Ranking Drawbacks that they could easily remove. This helped them gain maximum speed for their SEO efforts.

What is a ranking drawback? = something that’s currently keeping your page from ranking higher on Google.

You can remove these ranking drawbacks and they will help you DIRECTLY increase the chances of ranking the page you’re working on.

By the end of the episode, you will see that their method pays off, because they get their first page to rank in Top 10 Google Search Results. This was a first for them.

They finally managed, after 6 months of getting Zero results, to take a page from “never found” to “always found” on the first page of Google.

However, you will see in the next episodes that keeping this up was not easy. Not easy at all. What else did they have to do? – Stay tuned. You’ll find out soon.

PS: we sell our subscriptions in over 90 countries, and I think this series of episodes they’ve written just goes on to show how well Squirrly works for any country. Finally an example that’s not for the EN speaking market. I know that many of you were waiting for something like this.

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