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The Rank Show: Episode 3

Sometimes, all you need to do is switch the page you’re currently trying to rank. And that will lead you to much better results.

Episode 3: Change Your Focus Page

One thing I admire and appreciate in people is when they can realize that their current course of action is not the right one. Not everybody can do this. Most business owners and marketers will keep trying to rank for a certain keyword with a certain page. They’d work for years on end with no results showing, yet they don’t want to change their strategy.

Which is why I’m happy when I see people who can adapt. You see that something isn’t working? Change it.

In Episode 3 you will see how the team of Servicii app decided it was time to focus on their other pages, which were starting to grow better than their main page.

Spoiler alert: by Episode 5 you will see that this was the turning point which has lead to their ultimate success.

Remember: new website, no authority, little traffic (at first), yet by working with the Focus Pages Method they learned how to navigate SEO.

And sometimes, Squirrly will make you switch your main keyword, or switch your main page entirely. The purpose is to get you search engine traffic.

This is a great episode, one that you should not miss. It walks you through the time it took to rank pages, broken down by days.

I think it’s very useful that they’ve made this info available and that you can see the SEO works performed each week.

Here’s Episode 3.

Also: I was using “black panther costume” for an e-commerce store. And I was trying to rank that, but the movie came out and I was suddenly competing against Forbes dot com, INC, and other media giants. My store simply did NOT have that authority (as I could see in my Squirrly Audits).

Did I care? Nope, I changed my focus to things like “RWBY merchandise”, “Overwatch Wallets”, “Harry Potter Store” and I started to really rank well (AND sell products!) for many keywords related to these types of items. I wasn’t selling anything before I made the switch.

Keep Ranking,
Florin Muresan
CEO, Squirrly

PS: we sell our subscriptions in over 90 countries, and I think this series of episodes they’ve written just goes on to show how well Squirrly works for any country. Finally an example that’s not for the EN speaking market. I know that many of you were waiting for something like this.

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