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This Autumn Bears Many Gifts – VIP drafting complete.

Some people talk about this time of the year as the fourth Quarter, others admire the beautiful colors of the season, but some… Well… They have squirrly plans concocted carefully.

Many of the wonderful creations we’ve been working on ever since our Powering Up email (sent Jan 2018) are coming to fruition.

It’s time to show them to you during the next two months.

Get ready for some exciting events for:

  • Squirrly Social (October 2018)
  • Squirrly SEO 2019  (UPDATE: March 2019)
  • aaaaand…. SPY. Squirrly SPY. (Late NOV or Early DEC 2018)

Very soon, you’ll be able to get your FREE Tickets to the Launch Events. You’ll need to register a ticket on Eventbrite to be able to attend each Launch Event.

Squirrly Company Updates

The events will be held Live on Youtube, based on the ticket. I will show you everything you need to know about each new product, why we built them, how they bring value to your business. My awesome team of customer service experts will be available in the Chat section of each event to answer any questions you will have. (so get those questions ready!)

I don’t want these events to go down in history as the best events for Digital Marketing ever. I want them to go down in YOUR personal history as wonderful events which helped you grow as a business owner, marketer, or developer / consultant.

SPY. Squirrly SPY.

I’ve recently had to convince a really big enterprise, listed on NASDAQ to work with us on their new massive redesign of the website. Of course, we won’t make the graphics, we’ll make the architecture, and the SEO.

They were convinced by the FOCUS Pages concept which will be the Core of Squirrly SEO 2019 (you’ll get to see it soon).

However, my biggest weapon was the Squirrly SPY reports I presented to them for their competitors and for their own site.

Before I showed them the report, the discussions were vague, and they couldn’t really understand how we’d help them win the long SEO game.

Here’s one of the reports they saw during the meeting.

If you ever need to convince clients, then Squirrly SPY is the way to go.

Also: if you want to use it for your own business, you’ll be able to find a lot of reasons why your competitors rank number 1 on Google, while you don’t. It’s all in the data you see in the report.

It’s not just about playing the ‘ol BOND. James Bond. You can really get to the reasons why other sites rank better and the improvements you can make to outrank them.

Here’s a DEMO report. (someone paid $50 USD just for this one). You’re getting it for free in this blog post.

^^ Once downloaded, open with Excel and make sure you look at all the Sheets inside.

It would help you a lot more if you could get one for your OWN case, your own industry, own website, own competitors.

Soon, you’ll be able to do just that.

VIP Drafting is now Complete for Squirrly SEO 2019.

Thanks so much for being active and for wanting to receive every single sneak peek into our brand new Squirrly SEO 2019.

We’ll send the first VIP email this week.

Until then: Keep Ranking,
Florin Muresan
CEO, Squirrly

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