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Introducing Project Briefcase.

Earlier, in the Powering Up Email from Squirrly, you got to see the massive improvements we’ve made to the Squirrly SEO software last year.

Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve was one of the best received updates yet. However, there was an important lesson for us to learn from it.

Squirrly Steve (to keep the name brief) brought radical change that currently helps over 150,000 business owners, freelancers and marketers to grab high search engine traffic. This radical change did not come without its problems, though.

I was personally lucky enough to have most of you by my side. It’s something that I greatly appreciate. Your feedback helped us fix everything extremely fast.

Then it came time for Briefcase to be launched and we decided to go the silent ninja way. Only select few people got to use the new features. By 18th of January 2018 (today) we wanted to test Squirrly SEO 2018: Briefcase as much as possible before announcing the release.

Now, as I’m writing this email to announce the release, I feel more confident that the minute you make the update, you’ll get a great experience.

Briefcase awaits you: Version 8.3.05. Go to WordPress -> Plugins and update your version of Squirrly.

You’ll be able to build a Solid Core for your SEO Strategy, something that we’ve never found in any other SEO tool.

You can keep all your best keywords in Briefcase, so that you’ll always know which ones to use when optimizing your content, your SEO patterns, your snippets, your inner-links.

Briefcase helps you work more closely with your keywords. It’s fully integrated in the other tools from Squirrly. You can do a Keyword Research using our tool and then send the best keywords you discover directly to your briefcase.

Later on, when you go to optimize a page or a blog post, you can easily choose these keywords from your own Briefcase.

It keeps your entire collection of keywords and helps you manage your portfolio. It will even give you stats about how many times you’ve used certain keywords and you can choose to let it show you info about your main keywords without needing to re-do keyword research every time you look at keywords you found months ago.

You can also optimize ONE page for Multiple Keywords. Say you’re having a product like: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier Collectible Action Figure from Marvel”. You can now optimize that product page for keywords related to the Winter Soldier, to Marvel action figures and to Captain America.

Why ? Because all of these are connected, and people searching for these things will want to see your product page if Google displays this listing of yours in search results.

There are countless other examples, like you’re writing about John Coltrane Tribute Band and Jazz Concert and a certain city/state/region. You could be tempted to optimize just for “jazz concert tickets in Phoenix”, but why miss bigger opportunities?

You’re awesome for reading this and giving me the chance to introduce the update. Wait for my next emails. It will have more details AND it will have pictures and screenshots from this release.

Get your keywords ready in your own briefcase. It will help you and your writers or editors understand the strategy better.

Your briefcase is individual for each site. You can get a glimpse at all of it from Squirrly Cloud (your account).
Head Over to Where I do have some screens for you (

Keep ranking,
Florin Muresan
CEO of Squirrly

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