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[WATCH] Why Do You Experience Ranking Fluctuations?

Did Your Rankings Go Down?

— Here’s why: Positions on Google fluctuate every single day. Today you might go up, tomorrow you might go down. This is the way that search engines work and it’s not something that you should be afraid of.

1) Your competitors are also working towards making their sites better, so if they go up in search, you go down in search.

2) Google’s algorithm just tests different listings to learn which one deserves better positions. To escape this, you need to have an Audit score of over 80 in Squirrly SEO.

Do you?

Also: in some cases, in order to not give lower positions to certain listings from Page 1 of search, they are actually searching for elements like: how new is this page to the first page of Google? And if you don’t have a long history of being there, it will just keep placing you down and then bringing you back up again. Ranking fluctuations.

3) How did you check your rankings? Did you use Google Search Console or Squirrly’s Private Cloud Services for SERP Checker (available on the Business Plan from Squirrly SEO)?

– if you did NOT: then the positions you see there are not true!

Meaning: they are not what anybody else, but yourself see when searching on Google. We have a different video explaining this, but if this is how you saw rankings go up and down, then this is not what happened in reality to the rest of the Internet users.

Now for the best part of this video:

What can YOU do?

Work harder on getting the SEO Audit score to become awesome, and above 80. That would be best, but it will take you a while.

To ensure your most important pages (the FOCUS PAGES) are going to keep ranking higher and higher in the future, work with Daily SEO Goals. If you feel you are more experienced, then go directly to Focus Pages and read the instructions from the right side of the screen, which shows up after you click RED elements.

Turn red elements to Green and you will #WIN. Work with Focus Pages.

Work with Daily SEO Goals.

Your Rankings will go up again.

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