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If you haven’t been living under a rock for this last month, you’ve most probably seen that we’re about to release a new WordPress SEO Plugin 2018 version called Briefcase.

One of the main benefits of being subscribed to our email newsletters and our social media (especially Twitter on @SquirrlyHQ), is the fact that you get info on all the best releases, way before they reach our blogs.

Some of you have asked me why I keep insisting with the Elephant background, many of you going like: “Sure, the image looks good, but aren’t you guys overdoing it?”

Short, TL;DR answer to that would be: No.

The elephant in the background is now a symbol for our 2018 release of Squirrly Briefcase.

You can see it in the Briefcase Launch-related articles, emails, etc. Example here.

You can see the Elephant on the Upcoming Product Page for this new WordPress SEO Plugin 2018 version.

Memory – Remember Everything About Your SEO Strategy.

Here you have it. This is the answer. We keep showing the elephant because it’s a symbol for amazing memory.

Our WordPress SEO Plugin became way too powerful last year going from 100 features to 200 features by the time it reached Squirrly SEO 2018: Steve.

The Steve update brought so many powerful features that one could easily go wild with the power. Briefcase offers all your team, your clients, your contractors a clear reminder of what your SEO Strategy is like.

Briefcase helps you center everything around your Strategy and not fall into chaos.

More about this here in the second release note of Squirrly SEO 2018: Briefcase.

So: there you have it. That’s why you’ll keep seeing the elephant a bit more.

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