It’s almost here…

The World’s first A.I. that helps users craft compelling SEO strategies to bring them real traffic and get them ranked for multiple keywords.

Here is the very objective and logical reason for why we started using artificial intelligence. (How did Squirrly create the first-ever non-human SEO consultant?)

However, here is the place where you can see why Calin and I are so passionate about this. Also, why all our squirrlyans are in love with what we’re building at this company. (Interview on Startup Valley, in the UK).

56 Changes described here in the presentation for our latest Developer’s Update. 56 really big changes. There are more, which will be mentioned and shown Live on the 30th of June 2020.

Private SEO Consultant. In a Plugin. Powered by Machine Learning and Cloud Services.

After months of hard work, you’ll soon (on the 30th) get to hear the Keynote, get to see the Developer Updates and see a complete walkthrough of using Squirrly SEO 2020.

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Prize Drops will happen during the Official Launch Event – for those who will join us Live, we will keep dropping free gifts in the Live Chat section.

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