Ten Years of Working With Small Business Owners – How We Finally Help Them Get Maximum Visibility

You’ll see this quote in the 4th Episode of the Rank Show, but I just had to share it here as well:

“This episode will be a short one. I just wanted to share with you my success with Focus Pages by Squirrly, their latest revolutionary feature. Indeed, it’s a revolutionary feature, but you have to know how to use it.

It can make you smile or it can make you frown. It’s all up to you and how you read all the incredible information that the tool gives you.”

It’s a culmination of very impressive (and super hard) work from years of feedback and iterations. I’m proud of what my teams at Squirrly managed to achieve. Everyone from our company was involved in making this work. Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush have never come close to offering this level of detail for ranking a page.

I’m happy that people use this and get amazing results. Me and Calin have been working on tools that help small business owners become Digital Marketing Superstars since 2009. Yes, ten years, that eventually lead us to building the Focus Pages method. This started before we began Squirrly in 2012. Our desire was to empower business owners with DIY tools so they could boost their online visibility on their own terms.

And I mean: even when we started Squirrly (we only planned one product back then), TechCrunch called us: “The Game that Gets Your Products Noticed on Over-Drive”

As you could see in this series from ChiefContent, it can really show you the right way to do your SEO. With Focus Pages, we’ve managed to make our long long dream come true.

There are other 7 success stories published on our sites with people who became successful after we released Focus Pages in Squirrly SEO 2019.

So get out there! Get Noticed. Keep Ranking.

The Rank Show: Episode 1 – Choose One Ranking Drawback At A Time

There’s a series of written episodes where you can see how marketers from a Business Directory WordPress site used the power of FOCUS to reach Page 1 of Google. Over and over again, after they cracked the case.

Episode 1: Choose One Ranking Drawback At A Time

The first Episode you can read (it’s written text, with screenshots) will show you how they Focused on SEO problems from their site and their pages. How they chose the Ranking Drawbacks that they could easily remove. This helped them gain maximum speed for their SEO efforts.

What is a ranking drawback? = something that’s currently keeping your page from ranking higher on Google.

You can remove these ranking drawbacks and they will help you DIRECTLY increase the chances of ranking the page you’re working on.

By the end of the episode, you will see that their method pays off, because they get their first page to rank in Top 10 Google Search Results. This was a first for them.

They finally managed, after 6 months of getting Zero results, to take a page from “never found” to “always found” on the first page of Google.

However, you will see in the next episodes that keeping this up was not easy. Not easy at all. What else did they have to do? – Stay tuned. You’ll find out soon.

PS: we sell our subscriptions in over 90 countries, and I think this series of episodes they’ve written just goes on to show how well Squirrly works for any country. Finally an example that’s not for the EN speaking market. I know that many of you were waiting for something like this.

How Switching to Full Focus Mode Will Help You Finally Gain Search Traffic

There’s a series of written episodes I’ll want to share with you soon. It’s from a team that found out the hard way just how bad it is to work on SEO changes that don’t really manage to change your rankings. Also, they learned the hard way how bad it is to be arrogant and not follow advice. How bad it is to keep trying something that clearly doesn’t work.

They struggled to get search engine traffic. For well over 6 months, I think. They kept pushing content and making changes to the site, but nothing ever worked. Why?

– because every single day they were doing tens of tweaks all over the place. A snippet here, a keyword research there, an item from the Audit, another snippet, a JSON-LD schema implementation with customization for review page (yes, you can do that in Squirrly SEO).

So they were indeed working. However, their efforts were all over the place. It would take titanic work and a big marketing team to pull that off. They had a small team and had other things to do day-to-day besides SEO.

What’s the GOOD news?

This: (look at the image). They switched to Full Focus mode and started working only on things that move the needle. See below what happend after their switch.

After we released Squirrly SEO 2019, they took a look at the Focus Pages section.

They decided to try it out, because it was clear to them that SEO wise, they had no idea what they were doing.

Anyway, in the episodes I’ll start emailing soon, you’ll see the exact steps and details. Even their frustration with figuring things out. Since it’s written by them and published on ChiefContent, we had no say in what they wrote. You’ll get to see all the struggle, all the dislikes, everything.

And we’ve learned a lot by reading about their experience. We’ll make the product better to avoid some of the frustrations they mentioned in the episodes.

In August they’ve been a lot more successful, because once they understood HOW to focus on the right SEO elements that make a difference in search engine rankings, they doubled the number of page 1 rankings.

Here’s what they had by 8th August 2019.

Well… what do you say? Ready to start focusing only on SEO work that really makes you rank higher?

Yes, good.

No, maybe the next episodes will help you change your mind.

These marketers were very stubborn themselves and were non-believers. You’ll see how that changed for them day by day as they kept fighting off each red element and turning it to green.

[DMS]+32% Traffic from 4 On-Page SEO Changes (case study)

Patrick Curtis is the founder and CEO of Wall Street Oasis, an online community focused on careers in finance founded in 2006. 

His business was built on user-generated content and long-tail organic traffic. 

However, when their growth came to a sudden stop due to Google algorithm change impacts and thin and/or low-quality user-generated content, Curtis gathered up a team of content optimization specialists.

Together, they launched a project meant to optimize the content on Wall Street Oasis’ site and help them regain their growth trajectory. 

Here are four on-page SEO changes they made which resulted in a boost in traffic: 

  1. Increasing the length of the article; 
  2. Adding relevant subtitles (H2s, H3s, and H4s) to help organize the content. (these two changes gave the pages the highest boost in organic traffic);
  3. Changing the title so that it matched more high-volume keywords;
  4. Adding a relevant video to the page (this helped increase time on page and enriched the content around the topic). 

Source: MOZ

[DMS:] Boost conversions by 785% in ONE Day

The Strategy Brian Dean Used to Increase Conversion rate from .54% to 4.82% 

Common bribes like free reports and email courses have started to lose their appeal, so if you want to grow your email list, you need to get creative and think outside the box. 

That’s what Brian Dean did, and the strategy he used to increase his conversion rate by 785% is called the Content Upgrade.

With this strategy, you’re giving away a resource that is unique to each blog post – as opposed to offering readers something vague, like free updates or reports. 

So, for example, if you have a blog post titled, Ten Tips on How to Build Your Email List, you could offer folks reading that page a chance to sign up to receive the complete: 25 Tips on How to Build Your Email List. 

This is going to be much more enticing for them than a generic: Free Digital Marketing Tips ebook. 

By giving away a post-specific resource, you can increase conversions, Brian Dean style. 

Ready to give the Content Upgrade strategy a try? Here are five steps Brian recommends taking:

 1: Find a high-traffic page on your site;
 2: Think of a resource that would make the content better (an upgraded version of the  content you already have on that page);
 3: Create that resource;
 4: Add the resource to your site;
 5: See your email subscribers number go up;

Source: Brian Dean

Squirrly Customers Powered by the new Focus Pages system reach incredible success

The whole Focus Pages system was built to work in tandem with Google’s algorithms. The search giant determines who should land in the first 10 results of every single search query by using Ranking Factors. What does that mean? It means that Google has big checklists of what every single page inside your site needs to have in order to achieve the first positions in Google search. If you have them, you’ll be listed. If you don’t… then… no chances for you of ever making it to the top. As you can see on our Plugin’s brand new website, there are many new success stories which came as a result of us creating this system and making it available world-wide. At the moment, there is no other SEO platform in the world to tell you what Google looks for or what those big checklists are. The customers you can see in the success stories we present on our website haven’t done magic. They’ve used Focus Pages to identify all the missing parts. They made sure they no longer miss anything important. And by doing so they’ve increased their chances of ranking. Their competition had MANY missing parts, they didn’t satisfy Google’s ranking factors. As a result, our customers (who really worked in tandem with Google’s algorithms through our focus pages section inside the plugin) managed to easily outrank them. For example: here you will see how Drew ditched his $4,000 USD / month consultants. He ended collaboration with them and went his own way (powered by the new Squirrly PRO). In just a few weeks he even outranked his supplier. It’s all here for you to read.
In the animated gif above you can see that there are two routes being drawn on the map. Why is that? – It’s because Google doesn’t treat any two pages from your site the same way. Oh yes. This is something that very few people talk about. For some of your pages the reason you’re not Number 1 in search is the fact that your keyword is horribly chosen For other pages it might be that you bring 1,000 visitors daily to that page, but the visitors leave that page in UNDER 20 seconds. Yes, Google does track time on page and most websites never rank high, because Google sees that people who find that page via search actually hate the page. That’s bad for them as a search engine, so they’ll make sure not to show you to people.

A Celebration of PRO: Introducing The New Event Summer Pro Mo

For more than 6 years, our PRO squirrel has traversed the globe. Today, no matter where you are in the world chances are you can get a PRO version of Squirrly and start reaching for the first page of search results on any search engine. If you’re a part of the Superstars who already got their hands on the PRO, then know that right now you are one of the 5,000 business owners, marketers, SEOs, developers and affiliate marketers from more than 90 Countries who went PRO. To celebrate our 5,000 customers achievement, we’re opening the Summer ProMo event. We’ll be introducing many new rewards for those of you who made this possible. Chances are you’ve already received 300 extra keyword researches via SMS, if you completed the correct phone number on your order of PRO. If you want to write history together with us, our partner programs await you with open hearts and open minds.
Clarifications: – we are celebrating 5,000 subscriptions sold for Squirrly SEO: including PRO, Business and Agency plans. Back in 2013 when we first launched, many nay-sayers told us nobody would buy subscriptions, because everyone wanted one-time deals. Written in June 2013, this blog post withstood the test of time, and proved that our model was the best model! It explains why buying a subscription for Squirrly PRO makes a lot more sense for YOU, as a user, than buying a one off. – Summer ProMo – it’s a special summer for which our brand new partners get 70% commission to spread the word about Squirrly PRO. Pro Monthly. – It’s also a period of many promos and gifts to you,our beloved community: SMSes probably already started buzzing on your phones giving you access to extra 300 keyword researches. But that’s just us getting started. Many more prizes could be yours during August and September 2019.