Brand Voice

Squirrly SEO Plugin is an open, friendly brand for the WordPress SEO plugin with the same name. It is a brand associated with making technical aspects simple for those who are not tech-savvy. It also helps and guides users on the tasks they need to accomplish on their site through the help of different assistants.

In communicating with our audience, we try to be positive, high-energy and close to our audience. We try to incorporate funny or witty remarks that our audience can easily relate to.


The Squirrly SEO plugin communicates in English, mainly American. We try to use a non-technical way of communicating. We are working on having translated versions of the plugin in the future.

Grammar and formatting:

We abbreviate Search Engine Optimization as SEO (always with capital letters). We use mainly european numbers (1,2,3) in all our list articles. We try to use odd numbers, especially for article titles. We also use #1 in many instances where “the number one in Ranking on Google” or “the first page of Google” is referred to.

Squirrly should always start with a capital letter.

A few of the acronyms we use are: SLA (Squirrly Live Assistant), KR (Keyword Research), WP(WordPress), Non-SEO (for people that don’t have a background in technical SEO).


We use a 24h format. We usually announce all our events based on London time.


The best WordPress SEO plugin for non-SEO experts


We try to use short, simple phases that are easy to understand, as we have an international audience. We also consider it very important to have easy-to-scan text, so we use subtitles and bold in editing in order to make it easy for our audience to understand the main ideas.


The Squirrly brand tries to explain Technical aspects from the SEO field in a non-technical way. We use an informal, casual tone, but we also terminology that is specific to the WordPress and the SEO field, such as: meta, Snippet, slug.

Tone of voice:

In communicating with our audience, we try to be positive, high energy and close to our audience. We try to incorporate funny or witty remarks that our audience can easily relate with.


The design depends on the situation. As for email signature, you should write it in 3 lines: name, function, and site.

Social Media:

We have a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, a community Facebook group, a LinkedIn Page, as well as a Pinterest and an Instagram account.

They are mainly used with the purpose of announcing new features and updates to our audience. They are also used to announce new events and to provide support.

Editorial style guide:

Squirrly uses different metaphors or comparisons in explaining our features and the information we want our audience to understand. Example: Squirrly is like your Co-pilot.

We also consider it very important to have easy-to-scan text, so we use subtitles and bold in editing in order to make it easy for our audience to understand the main ideas. We don’t use underline in editing to avoid our audience confusing them with links.

We never go further than H3 in headlines.

All Articles in the blog should be 100% optimized for a specific keyword and have a clear featured image.

Each paragraph should have a maximum of 4 lines in preview, and there should be a visual element (image, video, twitter share) after each 3 paragraphs.

On landing pages, the first button should always be present above the fold.

In list articles, Squirrly SEO or its features should be mentioned on the first or second positions.

A Message Framework that Conveys Communication Priorities for Squirrly SEO 2019

1.Changed / Improved / Better / New / Continuous Improvement

  • Change
  • Completely redesigned/fully redesigned
  • Refurbished
  • Reimagined
  • Revamped
  • The biggest change yet
  • Brand new design
  • The best one yet
  • Growing/evolved
  • Increased the functionality – recreated the user experience
  • A new experience using Squirrly
  • Not just a tool for SEO
  • Clean designs
  • Easy to navigate design
  • Easy to follow steps
  • We’re creating the tools you need
  • We listened to your feedback
  • Easy to understand
  • Not just another SEO plugin
  • Accessible
  • Continuous development
  • Flexible
  • User-focused

Supporting Examples: interface, emphasize new user experience

2. Takes You From Never Found to Always Found on the 1st Page of Google

  • Keep ranking,
  • Rank the right way
  • Guides NON-SEO experts every step of the way to Page 1 of Google
  • Supercharge your traffic / Boost your traffic
  • Supercharge your rankings / Boost your rankings
  • Boost your strategy
  • Actionable insights
  • Sustainable SEO
  • Rank how Google wants you to rank
  • Achieve WordPress SEO success in the long run
  • Multi-dimensional approach to SEO
  • No coding involved
  • From Experts in SEO
  • Trusted by top Content Marketing experts
  • Squirrly is much more than just an SEO tool; it is a complete content marketing suite-Neil Patel
  • The only SEO plugin you need
  • Gear up for SEO success
  • Solution oriented
  • Drive your site to the maximum of its potential
  • Goes beyond the one setting and you’re done kind of approach
  • Fuel your SEO strategies with knowledge
  • Accelerate your SEO efforts
  • SEO made simple
  • Shift your strategy into top gear
  • GPS for perfect on-page SEO – live assistant gives you the coordinates for content that is both human and Google friendly
  • Turn your site into a race car that gets to the top positions in Google
  • Excellent SEO
  • All the essential SEO tools you need
  • Shows you the road to success
  • Non-SEO expert-approved
  • Full featured
  • Trusted by leading content marketing experts
  • Make SEO simple

Supporting examples: emphasize functionality/features, company experience/expertise, facts landing page (statistics and how many people we’ve helped and so on), commitment to helping users expand their level of awareness on SEO/ranking factors

3. Strategy Focused

  • Squirrly SEO 2019 brings what really matters into FOCUS
  • Strategy trumps tactic
  • Helps you perfect your strategy/finetune your strategy
  • Results Focused  
  • Helps you focus on the things that will make a difference in your SEO success
  • Work on the tasks that impact your ranking
  • New mindset
  • Actionable
  • Stop wasting time working on tasks that DON’T affect ranking
  • Strategy-oriented
  • A better way to work on your site and win the long game
  • Rank your most important pages on Google
  • See your pages through a strategy lens
  • A Winning SEO strategy is a focused SEO strategy
  • Digital Marketing strategy based on data
  • Have everything you need for On-page SEO and Social Media Optimization
  • Strategy-driven
  • Helps you achieve your goals
  • Helps you match your actions with your goals
  • Makes it easy to align your strategy with your goals

Supporting examples: Emphasize Focus Pages, Briefcase(Keyword Portfolio, strategy assistant), Audit, Keyword Research, Ranking, Settings Assistant (Bulk SEO), Patterns, Duplicate removal landing page, JSON-LD landing page


  • Take you by the hand approach
  • Gives both you the knowledge and the tools
  • Guided Strategy
  • Assisted SEO
  • Guided SEO
  • Squirrly is your co-pilot in the race to the first Page of Google
  • Free Support for all our plans
  • Friendly
  • Reachable
  • Transparent
  • Assists you with every aspect of SEO
  • Training and coaching sessions for all levels
  • The guidance you need to shape a winning SEO Strategy and the best tools to efficiently implement it
  • Customer-centric
  • In for the long haul
  • Steers you in the right direction
  • Step-by-step process with learning on the way
  • Maximize your level of SEO awareness
  • Master the basics, conquer the advanced SEO tactics
  • SEO wisdom
  • Continuous guidance on your SEO journey
  • Never alone on your SEO journey
  • Your new SEO best friend
  • Approachable
  • Human
  • Interaction focused
  • Work with our product

Supporting examples:  coaching, lessons, in-plugin assistants (Live Assistant, Research Assistant, Settings Assistant), Knowledge Base, SlideShare, support (on numerous channels), support community on Facebook, Education Cloud, Blogging Assistant