If you’re tired of using a complicated WordPress SEO plugin, then here’s the right Yoast SEO Alternative for you. One that will get you great results and make the process feel effortless.

Squirrly SEO is the perfect option regardless of whether you are an expert in SEO or brand new to this field. Google is giving you enough challenges when it comes to ranking. That’s why the tools that help you get the best-ranking positions need to make the process simple.

But let’s find out what really makes this WordPress Plugin the better option for your site.

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User Experience You Can Enjoy

Our Yoast SEO Alternative is created to help you implement all the optimization requirements for the content you create and all the settings that go with it. Let’s take for example the Live Assistant.

Yoast SEO Alternative

It offers real-time feedback while you write your article, on:

  • How often you’ve repeated your keyword in the text (keyword ratio)
  • Wheather or not you’ve hit an over optimization limit
  • The readability level and whether the text is Human-Friendly, not just Google Friendly.
  • Whether the keyword is present in all the necessary elements from URL, Title, headlines and Image alternative text.
  • Bolding at least one keyword. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Squirrly will highlight all the keywords present in the text to make it easier for you to bold one.

The process is simple. You have to turn the whole Checklist Green. Your page is now ready to be published.

In this Yoast Alternative, you also have access to a clear explanation for each task. (do this by hovering over the “i” elements in each task)

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To be certain all your SEO site settings are completed, you just have to become an SEO Star.

The Settings assistant will suggest tasks, with step by step guidance, to improve your site’s ranking. Each time you enter the Squirrly Dashboard you’ll be prompted with a new challenge you can overcome.

Wordpress SEO Alternative

Why add multiple plugins when you can get it all done with only ONE?

If I have to be honest Squirrly is not a Yoast SEO alternative. It’s more than an SEO tool – it’s a complete content marketing suite. Just like Neil Patel (co-founder of Kiss Metrics and HelloBar) said.

It’s the tool that can help you cover the whole SEO and Marketing Process.  To better depict everything, we took into account all that you need to build a powerful Content Marketing Strategy.

The result is the SEO Content Tree, where you can see Squirrly SEO software offers help for each of the first 5 levels of the Content Tree.

Wordpress SEO Features


I’m wondering …

When you want to start optimizing your content how do you decide on the Keyword?

If you’re already using a tool that’s great, but you could have access to Keyword Research directly in your WordPress Page editor:

Yoast keyword Research

We give you and your team a list of options for each keyword you put in. For each keyword you’ll get information on:

  • Recent discussions, on Social Media and Forums.
  • Seo Search Volume, that tells you how you many times is the keyword searched for in a Month.
  • Competition, your site’s ability to rank high compared to the current top 10 pages on that keywords current SERP.
  • The trend, an idea on how the keyword will perform in time.

All this information can be personalized for the region you are targeting. To make sure you’re looking at the right data.

That means you’ll know you’re using the right keyword each time. The Briefcase Feature even lets you store your Keyword Strategy directly in your site.

That means you and your team will only create content that fits your Marketing Strategy. And you’ll have access to it without installing any additional plugins or opening any other tab. Just log into your site.

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We also help you make sure your site’s shares on Social Media will always look great. From enabling the Facebook OG Protocol with just a few clicks, to creating Twitter Cards and personalized Meta description of your article for each platform.

Squirrly is an end to end solution.

We even offer 10 times more features than any other SEO plugin. At this moment we have a total of 200 features. You can see the detailed comparison of what Squirrly SEO offers compared to Yoast.

Measure Results Not Just Implement SEO With This Yoast Alternative

Making sure your site is up to Google’s requirements is only one part of the process. Measuring your results is the way you know if your efforts are bringing in what you expected. Squirrly shows you how your optimized pages are ranking on Google.

You can even focus just on the pages that have changed their position in the Google SERPs. When updating content on pages you can see if the needle was actually moved by your work.

Squirrly Performance Analytics

And you can customize to see these results for the country you are targeting. If your audience is in Germany, you need to know how your pages are doing on google.de, not google.com.

Squirrly SEO, this Yoast Alternative, is currently supporting all the regions you can find on Google as well.

Hey, what if you don’t know where to start with improving your site ?

Check the audit of your site and see where and how you can improve it. Squirrly offers you an updated audit each week. If you’re a PRO user you can regenerate your audit every hour.

We give you insights on How your site is performing on all these 6 aspects. With detailed information every time:

Squirrly SEO Audit

Now when did Yoast Plugin ever offer you this type of information?

The Best Marketing Strategies Come from Continuous Learning and Updating Your Strategy

Squirrly is not just an SEO plugin. You have to consider all the advantages you get from having an account. You get access to :

  • The Squirrly Education Cloud. Where you have premium access to online Marketing courses to help you become a Better Marketer.
  • Squirrly Cloud. A web-based platform where you have access to all our tools and where you can optimize content even for non-Wordpress sites.
  • Squirrly Knowledge Base. We’re giving you tips on how to use Squirrly SEO at its full potential.
  • Constantly updating our product. That means we’re focused on Google Updates, solving your problems and improving the tool.

We offer you these resources to make sure you’ll have a winning Marketing Strategy. We know SEO needs Social Media Promotion, great quality content as well as in-depth research. We offer you these educational products to bring your site closer to results.

Real Customer Service – even with the Free Version of Squirrly SEO

What any good Yoast Alternative option has is excellent Customer Service. We pride our selves that for Squirrly SEO we offer great Customer Service, to both free and paid users.

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With the help of our community, we’ve managed to keep in Squirrly SEO only the tools that answer to their needs. Some of the features we’ve added, have come as suggestions from our users.

We’re ready to answer your questions on any channel you’re active on. We offer support in the following places:

  • In the WordPress Plugin, Support Button (we reply to those requests via Emails)
  • Facebook page. You can send us your support requests in private messages
  • New Lessons. Monday and Tuesdays on our official Twitter account.
  • Live Chat on Youtube, Thursday 4 PM London Time. We answer your question live at the end of the stream.
  • Plugin.squirrly.co. Case studies, ideas on how to better use the Squirrly plugin for Content Marketing
  • Or Email us at support@squirrly.co Where ready to answer Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM (London Time)

If this doesn’t make you consider Squirrly SEO is the best Yoast alternative, try our plugin for free. No credit card information required. You’ll get access to all the PRO features for 14 days, and then it gets downgraded to the free version.

Make up your own mind after you use it if you want to keep the PRO version or check our Pricing Plans now.

But Wait! You Won’t Lose Any Yoast SEO Data

If you’re afraid that changing your SEO tools means you’ll lose all the data and settings you’ve already set up, you don’t have to worry anymore. Squirrly SEO works great with Yoast and you can import your SEO information from them with just a few clicks.

That means you don’t have to redo all the work. Just keep working at your strategy and improve your stack of SEO tools for the future with Squirrly.

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