The Missing Link in Your Keyword Strategy

Squirrly’s Briefcase feature helps you take the step you’ve been overlooking by bridging the gap between Keyword Research and Strategy Implementation.

Keyword research and analysis represent just a piece of your keyword strategy puzzle. To capitalize on that research, you need a flexible, collaborative keyword management tool.

One place to Save and Group your Top Keywords

You can add and delete keywords in your portfolio based on your current campaigns, trends, performance and more. A successful keyword strategy is one that keeps evolving.

Keywords are Organizable by
Labels and Filters

You can assign a color and a name to each Label so you can easily filter them and conveniently navigate your portfolio. One keyword can have multiple labels.

Shows Keyword Optimization History

So that you can make smart strategy calls and prioritize your work.

Easily find all the pages and articles in your site optimized for a certain keyword saved in Briefcase.

This gives you an overlook on your current strategy and makes it clear when a keyword strategy isn’t working and when it’s probably time to rethink your plan.

Integrates Seamlessly into your Team’s Workflow

Use Briefcase to store and collaborate on all keywords your team is targeting for a campaign. A simple way to coordinate your organization’s SEO efforts for higher productivity.

Numerous Ways to Use Labels

Labels in Briefcase give you the flexibility to manage your keyword portfolio your way. This way of working with keywords makes keyword research more actionable and ensures better focus – for all those working on a project.

A new way to use Labels can be inspired by Your Business

Strengthen Your Keyword Strategies with Squirrly's SEO Concerted Approach to Keywords

Most of the other keyword tools on the market today are one-dimensional, and only help with one aspect, usually keyword research. So the use you get out of them is limited.

Squirrly SEO is different. When you get Squirrly, you get a keyword strategy powerhouse that allows you to have an efficient workflow and cover all your bases for a truly powerful keyword strategy.

Your strategy is only as strong as its weakest link. Make sure there’s no breach in your Keyword Strategy. Use Briefcase.

See why people love it
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In Squirrly SEO, you can do everything from Keyword Research and building a keyword portfolio to on-page optimization (via the SEO Live Assistant that provides as-you-write guidance).
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The Squirrly Briefcase is essential to managing your SEO Strategy. With Briefcase, you’ll find the best opportunities for keywords you’re using in the Awareness Stage, Decision Stage and other stages you may plan for your Customer’s Journey.
Tudor Ogner
Tudor Ogner
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Excited to see how I can use the Briefcase Feature and improve my strategy.Pros: It's a great SEO tool. And it works directly in my site.
Tom Thayer
Tom Thayer
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I have been using Squirrly for a few years now and love it.
Stephen S.
Stephen S.principal attorney
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A Hidden Gem to Affordably and Easily Improve SEO. My overall experience with Squirrly has been nothing short of fantastic.
Alan Whitton
Alan WhittonCoaching - Therapy - London
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This is an amazing product! Easy to follow steps that are bulletproof. Thank you Squirrly!
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I’ve been doing my own SEO and using various paid and free tools for years, but only recently stumbled upon Squirrly SEO. Without a doubt, it’s the most comprehensive, all in one tool I have found for optimizing a WordPress site. I use several plugins and have several other software solutions that I also use regularly. Squirrly does most of what these other tools do and it does more than most and looks like it does it better!
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Awesome tool I can’t live without! This tool enables me to forget about SEO and just let Squirrly look after things and remind me of what needs doing where and when. I couldn’t live without it!
Cristian Uibar
Cristian Uibardigital marketer
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The hands-down best plugin for WP SEO ever on the market right now! I have used other plugins in the past, from more complex Yoast to The SEO Framework and nothing even compares with Squirrly. I am using the PRO version of the plugin and it is simply the best for my business. I can offer all my authors with this awesome tool and great assistant features that will help my website simply rank better with time.
AADIL BANDIdigital marketing expert and Growth hacker
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SEO by Squirrly provides awesome features which make your website SEO friendly.

“I use Squirrly every time I create a new post.”

– Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KissMetrics.

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