Visualize Your SEO Progress. Celebrate Your Achievements.

Squirrly makes it easy for you to monitor performance and keep track of how well your SEO efforts are paying off with automatic notifications and attractive visuals. 

So that you never miss out on good news!

Zoom Out: Understand Your SEO Progress in Seconds

Get important progress and achievements details from other sections of Squirrly SEO conveniently delivered in the Overview panel.

Zoom In: View Your Top-Performing Pages in Google

Get fast insights on which pages are helping you attract traffic to your site and better understand where your leads are coming from. 

Search Engines never sleep. With Squirrly, you can keep track of important developments without leaving WordPress.

Easily Keep Track of Your Google Rankings Evolution

🏆 Know how many of your keywords ranked better.

🏆Be notified of Rank increases as they happen.

🏆See how many of your keywords rank on the 1st Page of Google.

Compare Multiple Audits to Track Changes and See Your Site Grow

It’s easy to keep track of your progress and evaluate performance when you have intuitive graphics that highlight all the right things. All conveniently delivered in a single panel. 


Prove Your Impact

Whether you’re reporting to a client, a superior, or your team, Squirrly SEO makes it easy to showcase the fruits of your labor.  

No need to bury your head in intricate reporting tools to monitor how content performs and show evidence of progress. 

See Key Performance Metrics without leaving WordPress:

Make Your Argument using Data

Improve productivity while building client trust and showing the impact of your work. 

Use Squirrly-generated data to show how your campaigns have resulted in more traffic, engagement and how you’ve helped increase online visibility.

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Great SEO Tips. I am pretty dang excited about this plugin and the tools that go along with it. It gives great instruction on what to do to get your site ranked at the top! Great plugin and tools! I will be adding all of my WordPress SEO clients to this.
Stephen S.
Stephen S.
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Squirrly is a very affordable and easy way to improve your website's SEO. It is easy enough for beginners and complex enough for more experienced users. It covers almost every aspect of SEO.
Tanya Troska
Tanya Troska@tanyatroska
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I love the number of SEO tasks this one application tackles; replacing the need for other multiple installs, yet it's not heavy - no negative effects on site speed.
Nikolay Stoyanov
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Squirrly is a great plugin for WordPress that allows you to analyze your content as you go. It makes sure that your SEO is properly performed; it finds just the right keywords for you, monitors your progress and helps with your content marketing strategy.

“I use Squirrly every time I create a new post.”

– Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KissMetrics.

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