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The Next SEO Goals workflow exists to help you be insanely successful with SEO.

All you have to do is play your part.

So, what brings you here? 🐿️

You know.. I want to boost my rankings and search engine visibility.

Awesome! I’m here to help. Let’s look at your website to see where you currently stand. 🕵️

I see we’re not wasting any time. 👀

That’s right, I’ve already started analyzing your site.

I’m ready to show you an exact list of PERSONALIZED, high-priority actions you need to take in order to improve the SEO of your website and rank your pages higher on Google. 🚀

OK, so how does that help me again? 😕

This will help you focus on the SEO to-dos that will give you the fastest results so that you can achieve big breakthroughs from fewer activities. 🥇

Sweet!🔥 How can I be sure that taking the actions you suggest will make Google love my site, though?

Well… I’ve studied over 600,000 websites with progress and history over a period of 7 years to understand HOW WordPress sites get ranked on the top positions in Google. 

These tasks are legit; they are the ones that will make the biggest impact on your rankings.✨

Whaa! That’s pretty impressive! 😁But how will I know HOW to fix all these tasks that you are showing me?😅

That’s easy.😎 Click on Show Me how, and you’ll see detailed instructions on how to reach every goal – including which features from Squirrly you need to use.

Everything is 100% Actionable. Here:

Daang! I’m excited. 🤩It’s going to be very satisfying getting them done.

Cool! Remember, all the advice I give you is CUSTOM-made and based on your site.

The more you use it and feed it with information and progress, the more I will learn AND calibrate the tasks I show you to help you reach even bigger goals.

Uhhh…how will I know I’m making progress, though?😳

Don’t worry!🙂 I’ll be the 1st to congratulate you on your wins, with key Success Messages that will help you visualize your SEO progress and motivate you to keep working! 💪🙌

Daily SEO Goals are Awesome!

We’re not the only ones saying it!

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Great SEO Tips. I am pretty dang excited about this plugin and the tools that go along with it. It gives great instruction on what to do to get your site ranked at the top! Great plugin and tools! I will be adding all of my WordPress SEO clients to this.
Mr X Stitch
Mr X Stitch@MrXStitch
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I enjoy the way the AI kinda nags me to get the important stuff done and doesn't believe my excuses!
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SEO Squirrly is designed specifically for people who aren’t experts in SEO‼️Other plugins have different ways to access and implement SEO suggestions, but SEO Squirrly brings this to the next level.
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Its artificial intelligence enables it to identify the gaps that are keeping your site from ranking as well as you’d like so that you can focus on the activities that will give you the fastest results.
Mr X Stitch
Mr X Stitch@MrXStitch
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​Those daily goals are useful - finding the time to complete them is a whole nother matter, but it's very satisfying when you get them done and can move on!

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