Find The Best Keywords that Your Own Site Can Rank for.

The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO Superstars helps you shape a winning SEO strategy.

Find untapped key phrases personalized for your site and country to get more traffic.

Focus on Your Country's Audience

You can research keywords for each article by focusing on the countries you are interested in. You now have over 140 Countries to choose from.

This way, you can choose the best words to optimize for so that more people from your country will find you.

Discover Amazing Long-Tail Keywords

The Best Keyword Research Tool will give you lists of suggested Key Phrases made out of 2 to 5 words. This way, you can focus on the specific phrases people are actually searching for on Google.

It will also give you an advantage in ranking on the first page. These keywords are selected based on what the top 10 sites for your topic are also optimizing for.

Data You Can Trust

The best keyword research tool offers you:

Squirrly takes this information from multiple sites and interprets it for you so that you can make the best decision.

Keywords Your Site Can Rank for

You’ll find out how easy it will be for your own site to rank for each keyword.

The Best Keyword Research Tool takes into account:

  • How many pages you have already optimized for this topic
  • Checks the sites that already rank on Google on the first page for this keyword
  • Compares their site authority against your site’s

All this is meant to give you an estimate of how easy it will be for you to rank.

Research for Multiple Keywords

Find out which topic is the best one for your articles by inputting 2 or more phrases into the research tool.

The list generated will include Long-Tail Keywords and semantics for both terms.

Don’t just take our word for it

Brian Dean
Brian Dean
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Squirrly comes packed with a nice keyword research tool that works within the WordPress editor. In addition to the usual metrics (like search volume), it also shows you if that keyword is a hot topic of conversion online. The tool also shows you the stability of that keyword’s search volume over time.
Melissa Blevins
Melissa Blevinsaffiliate marketer
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When I first started blogging, I knew I wanted to be intentional about using keywords that were being searched frequently on Google. By prioritizing SEO, I was able to get several posts to the front page of Google within a short period of time using this plugin from Squirrly.
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For people who don’t have any knowledge of SEO or rankings, this plugin offers exceptionally simple content management, analytics, and ranking associated help.
Vladimir Unguru
Vladimir Unguru
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I’ve been using the free version for a while, and eventually bought the premium to take advantage of its fantastic features! I think that having something similar to Yoast combined with a keyword research service in one product at such a price is gold!
Alina Hasnash
Alina HasnashSEO Expert
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Bloggers tend to lose massive amounts of time in keyword research, and the Squirrly tool is indeed a time-saver tool.
Jelisaveta Sapardic
Jelisaveta Sapardiccopywriter
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Squirrly SEO comes with an advanced set of algorithms that are capable of measuring the potential of your keywords. In turn, this will provide you with openings for the implementation of ideal keywords that will make your content stand out. It is also aware of your competition and lets you know if you can rank for certain words or not, preventing you from wasting your precious time and resources.
Rohit Palit
Rohit Palitauthor
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If you can afford a paid plugin, I’d suggest Squirrly. In addition to SEO, it helps you out with keyword selection (by analyzing keyword competition and search trends) and various other elements of SEO.
Jens Gruenewald
Jens Gruenewald
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Instead of wasting time looking for the best long-tail keywords with little or no competition in Google AdWords’ Keywords Planner, you can just install the Squirrly WordPress plugin, which helps to pinpoint the right search queries that only a handful of other bloggers have access to.
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Squirrly has advanced algorithms that help you find advanced keyword opportunities.
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This WordPress plugin makes keyword research effortless, even for newbies.
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Despite the auto-pilot features that this plugin has, you’re still in complete control of your posts. Take advantage of their keyword research to get the upper hand over your competitors.
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An interesting feature of Squirrly SEO is that it has keyword search for you to discover long-tail keyword suggestions which will allow your site to be ranked on the first page of a Google search result since long-tail keywords have less competition.
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I found long-tail keywords with legitimate ranking opportunities for my blog, not just a shot in the dark, but a solid target audience to market my blog too.
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I love using Squirrly. I can use their keyword search to find what’s trending and see my rank on Google. It does cost some but it’s one of the few things that I deemed necessary for running my blog.
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Its keyword generation tool is superior to others, because it extracts tons of ideas from different sources. It is incredibly helpful to understand what questions people are asking, and thus, to make the content more engaging and conversational.
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The Squirrly Keyword Research Tool is the first ‘port of call’ for any of the articles that you write within the WordPress dashboard. This research tool is different from others, which helps make Squirrly all the more desirable.

“I use Squirrly every time I create a new post.”

– Neil Patel, Co-Founder of KissMetrics.

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